Saturday, March 06, 2010

Self Portrait Sunday - Me In The Nude


Nude face that is!!! Zero amount of makeup, cover-up or editing. Today was a lazy day at home. I made beds, breakfast, cleaned up the kitchen and the bathroom, took a shower and then read, watched TV and played with the kids. I only wear eye makeup but today I wanted to give my eyes a rest. I had my glasses on until my husband told me he was coming home. I refuse to make him look at me in glasses longer than he has to (in the evening). My glasses are over 12 years old and horrible looking.

MckLinky Blog HopPlease tell me you weren't hoping to catch a glimpse of me in the raw.


  1. You are so very beautiful! I found it funny how the bevel in the mirror makes your arms look broken at the wrists or something.

  2. LOL I am so glad you clarified that. Isn't it freeing just to go all naturale? I rarely even wear make-up anymore, well because I am a lazy person. But when I do wear some, I can't wait to get home and take it off.

  3. Anonymous11:33 AM

    Is nice to see you without make-up. You are a beautiful person with or without makeup.

  4. I totally thought you would be nude... lol. Sorry sick puppy here.


    You still look fab as always!

  5. You scared me with that post title, Maria! I we really want to go there?! I think you're lovely and all but I don't have any desire to see my blogger friends nude ;) You should be happy to know that the actual picture was not scary AT ALL!

  6. You have such pretty skin, that you're right to only wear eye makeup, and it's good to give them a day off sometimes.

  7. I agree with Matt, you are beautiful. No matter what kind of photo you post, you always look wonderful.


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