Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Fragments - March 12, 2010

While looking for more educational resources sites for my son, I came across these:

Bemboszoo.Com - Watch the letters turn into animals. Very cool. Goddess loved this site.
Internet4Classrooms was a great site for online "following directions" fun.
Awesome Earobics exercises for listening to directions.

Saw a friend this week that I haven't spoken to since December because of a misunderstanding. It wasn't weird at all but I do believe that we need to speak about what happened in order to go forward. If we are even going to go forward.

Ran into an old friend today whose daughter had an unfornate accident two weeks ago. She hit a bridge while sledding, A lot of us who live around here have little streams running through our back yard. They have one too. She slid right into the bridge and crushed her throat right above her voice box. She is only about 8-10 years old and my heart has been in my stomach since hearing. She has been in ICU and hopefully will be moved to the children's floor very soon. Tried my hardest not to cry while listening to the story about the accident because the family has been so strong. As soon as the tears stared filling up my eyes, I made a conscience effort to make sure they didn't run over.

Received another box of movies from my Dad. He sent about 30 of his beloved Disney movies on VHS and now another 15 movies on DVD. Worried about the reason and hope it is only because he recently got a new TV not because of his health.

Attend a memorial for my neighbor yesterday. I only knew her name but knew that she was fighting cancer. I would see her walking her dogs around the block without hair and thought, "good for you! fight whatever it is you are fighting." Unfortunately according to her husband who I met formally yesterday, she had been very sick since the end of October. My heart broke for her husband and her two lovely dogs that I couldn't get enough of last night. It is so sad to wonder what animals think when they lose someone who has been with them since they were puppies. I just wanted to give them all my love and pet them as much as they let me. I bet they miss their Mommy.

Read to Handsome's class today. This was my second time and this time I brought treats. The kids are so cute the way they listen and hang on your every word. They make you feel so good and whenever I am there, I know I missed my calling to teach.

This is the book my son wanted me to read. His teacher said, it is one of his favorites. Looks like I have to buy it for him.

Book Description

Fiery colors and hundreds of details evoke the sun–drenched beauty, the sweet smells, and the joyful sounds of a jewel–like little Caribbean island that a young boy rediscovers while on a visit with his best friend.

Ages 3–6

Fran'e Lessac is the author, here is his site if you would like further information.

Damn it! Jury duty summons today. Why is it that in 43 years I have been called over 20 times yet I have friends who have never been called?!

Still some pendants left, selling them for $6.00 including shipping and a chain. Letter B & O are spoken for but the rest are still available.  To see the rest, head over here.


  1. Sending well wishes for your dad (just in case) and your friend's daughter, and for the family of the neighbor that passed--it's sad that we don't know our neighbors anymore until something tragic happens....jury duty: I've been called at least five times and my husband has never been called! What is up with that?
    Thanks for the educational links, although my daughter is currently quite happy with Zoodles :)

  2. ~ Hope everything works out with your friend that you had the misunderstanding with. Also praying for the little daughter of your other friend, things can happen so quickly, it is so scary.
    ~ Praying for your dad, also, and thinking that it is just his generous nature and that nothing is wrong with him.
    ~ So sorry about your neighbor's family and her little doggies. I am sure they are sad and miss her terribly. Animals feel these things just as deeply as other humans, I am certain. You are so sweet to be as kind to those dogs.
    ~ I used to love reading to my kids' classes, they are so cute when they stare up at you with those big eyes. :-)
    ~ I've been called to jury duty more than any of my friends, too. I pretty much don't have to go anymore because of my disability, though. In FL you would be able to get out of it because you are the primary care giver of a child under 6 years old.
    Love listening to your fragments, have a great week.


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