Thursday, March 18, 2010

Memory Rewind - Circa 2002

This week for Memory Rewind is a photo from a few years back. Before kids, 2002 my husband decided it was time to redo the deck. Make it safe for the potential baby that would hopefully soon be announced.

We worked together for 2 weekends. The deck is Waaaayyyy above my head on my bi-level home and in order for me to be able to help him he would spend time rigging ways for me to help him get the beams above our heads so that he could secure them. It was awesome. I mostly had to put me foot on pieces of wood that would ultimately rise the piece that he was going to secure.

Here he is lightening "the torch" that would cut the rebar.
The lighting

still cutting

I am his biggest fan and he doesn't get enough posts about him. Everyone who knows me, his family, my family, our friends, my friends, all know that I believe there is nothing that he can't do. He is very smart, very steady, very strong, very secure, very manly and very he always made me feel very safe.

yup posing

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  1. Anonymous7:21 PM

    Glad to hear you have a wonderful husband. Tell him to keep up the good work. lol

  2. Love the goggles!!! Trés chic! ;-)

  3. You lucky girl :)

  4. Very nice to see your very handsome and wonderful husband on your blog. I know he doesn't like to be in the spotlight very often, but I'm glad you posted this, these are great photos of him and he hasn't changed much in the last 8 years. Tell him we'd like to see more of him. (And he can take that any way he wants to - oops, did I really say that???)


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