Monday, March 01, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday - Handsome


This is what happens when you go down a hill on your face. Notice the amount of snow up Handsome's nose and surrounding his ear. He is loco on a snow hill.
Picture 084

Picture 083


  1. Love the Spongebob hat!

  2. Oh no! Your d@mn snow is contagious! It has snowed about 2 and a half inches TODAY and it is still snowing...grrrr. We were playing outside in short sleeves five days ago!
    Hopefully we don't get it up our nose today :)

  3. The snow in the face doesn't seem to have affected Handsome in a bad way at all! He seems to have enjoyed it tremendously, just look at the smiles on his face.
    Lots of fun... I love your kids!


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