Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Book Nook Corner - Children's Activity Book for Ages 4-8

Thanks to Chronicle Book I received a copy of Ants in Your Pants Color and Draw to try out and write a review on.
Ants In Your Pants -- Yukiko Kido's entertaining, engaging, all-in-one reading and coloring book offers a fresh and fun way to develop a child's creativity and literacy. By encouraging children to color, draw, sticker, and doodle, this innovative book also reinforces reading skills by introducing beginning word families. Whimsical and bold illustrations are sure to tickle the funny bone of beginning readers and aspiring artists.

Yukiko Kido is from Japan but lived in New York for more than ten years. She creates artwork digitally in a Japanese anime style and loves working with bright colors.
Picture 033
In A Nutshell: The book will hit the shelves today, March 10, 2010 and is a great workbook for ages 4-8. My son is 6 and loved it. The pages are large and the graphics, big and bold, perfect for kids. My son could easily work independently. This is the perfect workbook to engage, entertain and educate kids. The concepts are fun and easy. For instance one page had the heading "bugs and mugs on a rug". Then a little word bubble outside the rug directs the child to "Draw bugs! Draw a mug". Then the bottom of the page has blank places for the child to add missing letters. I love the graphics and so does my daughter who is dying to get her hands on this book.

I really need to get one for her. This one is for Handsome who doesn't get to participate in many reviews with me.


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  2. Nice drawings, Handsome!
    I love workbooks such as this because when my daughter finishes one I can put it away for safe-keeping and see how she has progressed later on. I love the anime illustrations on this one.

  3. What a great book to teach & entertain a child. I know how hard you are working with Handsome and he is doing wonderfully!
    I can't wait to see how Goddess does.
    I'm glad that your son got to help with this review, tell him I want to see more of him on your blog because I think he is adorable!

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