Friday, March 19, 2010

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The other night I was coming down the hall and heard Goddess doing her prayers 20 minutes after we had already said them. When I walked in she said, "I'm talking to God and the Tooth Fairy, do you think they can hear me?" So cute...

Last night while doing homework with Handsome, he started zoning out during the 3 minute book I was reading. So I started leaving some of the sentences open to see if he would notice and snap back. He didn't! When we were done and he had to write about the book he didn't know what to write. I told him it was a real quick book and I could read it again. He got stressed, closed his eyes and told me he didn't want to talk. I tried to coax him for about 30 minutes. When I got no where I told him I was going to take a shower and would come back. Still nothing on the page. I tried again showing him all the pages he had done before. He said, absolutely nothing and put his head on the table. I told him it was time to get his sister's bath and would be back. When I came back 15 minutes later. Nothing. I told him to close the book and leave it until tomorrow. He said, "I'm not talking to you."

When I came back down the hall after putting Goddess in her PJ's, he met me in the hall with a single leaf drawn on the page. He said, he was done. I told him it was great and he was done with his homework. He wouldn't look at me. I made him stand in front of me while I sat to be at his level and talk. He wouldn't look at me. I asked why he was so upset and he said, "you don't like me." I told him with tears welling while I fought the spillage, "I don't like you? I love you!" He said, "No you don't". Losing the fight tears rolled down my face. It was the first time he had looked in my eyes in over an hour and a half. I said, "Yes, I do love you." He said, "No you don't, no one does." My heart broke as I struggled to understand why his words were so strong and just how serious I should take them. Trying not to take it personally, knowing that he was upset about the homework and was tired. I tried to hug him. He wouldn't let me.

I stood up and tried not to sob into my hands.

His father came up and I told him what was going on. He put the hockey game on for Handsome and Handsome got happy. He asked for milk and when I got the milk without an "ok" he asked, "Mommy, why are you not talking to me?" I told him that I was talking to him.

Afterwards my husband tried a few times to get Handsome to come apologize and talk it over, he wouldn't. I could hear them talking and heard Handsome say, "I don't like her." Ahggghhhhh my heart.

He finally did come in and tell me he was sorry and I hugged him. In the middle of the night he made his way to my bed and crawled in. He never does this. I dreamed all night that he told me he loved me and was sorry.

Last Saturday I headed out to watch my friend Frankie (8th grade) in a production of the stations of the cross. I had taken a shower, was giving Goddess a bath when my girl Clary called telling me about it. I headed out with a wet head to be there. He was playing Jesus afer all.

Taking the video camera from his mom I started taping the production. I must admit, it was a bit disturbing. Seeing Frankie carrying the cross, wearing the thorns wasn't hard. It was when they stripped Jesus of his robe and here was this hairless, young boy laying strapped to the cross while another priest took a million pictures. Disturbing! I can only imagine what was going through mother's mind if I was this shocked.  All in all...he did a fabulous job.

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  1. Those froggies are too cute!

  2. that is so cute... love the colors and the way it was photographed.

  3. Never mind the frogs.... Goddess's comment about talking to God and the Tooth Fairy is so much cuter!!! What a precious moment.

  4. Anonymous7:25 PM

    I would have been fighting back my tears as well if I heard those words. You took control and handled it correctly.

    Goddess is so cute!! I love when kids say the cutest things.

  5. Sounds like Handsome took it out on you because he didn't know what else to do with his frustration. So sweet that he crawled in bed with you--he was so sorry he hurt you.

  6. Yep, I would have had the tears flowing too. You know he didn't mean it but it would still hurt.

    Love your little color carnival frogs :-)

  7. They are very pretty.

  8. I know how hard you work with the kids so I know it really hurt you when Handsome was upset with you. I also know that you understood it was just his frustration with his reading comprehention and not you, but as Martha said, it still hurts. You also know he still loves you and he cuddled with you in bed, so sweet!
    You also know how I feel about Goddess - she amazes me every day!
    Love those little froggies!!


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