Monday, March 15, 2010

How To Never Look Fat Again By Charla Krupp Blog Tour

Have you ever watched one of those clothing make over shows and wished you had your own personal clothing consultant well now you do....
Back in February I reviewed How To Never Look Fat Again by Charla Krupp you can view it here.

Thanks to Anna of Hachette Book Group I was able to write to Charla and have her answer some questions I have about my wardrobe. 

Maria:  Charla, I am 4’11” and a size 10 with larger breasts and bigger legs, short of losing the necessary 15 pounds what can I do to look thinner and taller? 

Charla: You’ll want to check on the sections called BIG BUST and HEAVY CALVES…there are hundreds of tips for you. For starters, go get bra fitted so that you are looking as small as possible on top. For legs, don’t wear micro-minis…do wear a nice pump in a nude color.

Maria:    What is the best way to find your proper bra size?

Charla: There is no way around it, you must get bra-fitted in a good department store such as Bloomie’s. 

Maria: Should someone under 5”0” wear a full length winter coat? 

Charla:  NO! 

Maria:  How can you avoid muffin top if you wear today’s clingy shirts?

Charla: Wear a shaping camisole underneath your tops…and wear the Spanx Bra-llelujah! dedicated to making back fat disappear. And, if your shirt fabric is super clingy, maybe you need to go up a size.

Maria: How can I make my short, chubby legs look longer if I am wearing pants and short heels? 

Charla: Don’t wear short heels…wear the highest heels possible. Maybe go with a platform which is easier to walk in than a stiletto. Pants should be on the long side. No capris, they’ll make you look shorter and fatter. 

Maria:  I could go on and on asking short questions?

Charla: I’m petite, too, so I know the problems…look at the sections in each chapter titled: If you’re petite…lots of great tips for you in the book.

Hopefully, after I make the baby dinner I can get back on and hook all these links up.


  1. I'm waiting for this book to come in the mail--I need answers to fat and tall questions, not short ;)

  2. Anonymous6:23 PM

    I need answers to everything about my body. lol I need to check out Spanx Bra-llelujah!


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