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Calling Alll Lovers Of Books, Especially Comic Books - Plus Author Interview

As a young girl (about 9) I was a big fan of Archie comics. After that, there was Bloom County, Calvin and Hobbes, and My absolute favorite The Far Side Gallery. Man I loved reading and comic books gave you the visual and the words. Even my photo albums started having word bubbles above the pictures.

There are only three things a reader has to know when encountering the moon inhabitants of
The Lunar Antics

1. They have antennas.

2. They have flying saucers—although they don't always use them.
3. They are good in math.

Product Description from Amazon

Meet the gang from the Lunar Antics comic strip! Zeno, Zed, Linda, and Drusus are inhabitants of the moon who just love to hang out here on Earth. Because it's not enough to be superior to all Earthlings, Zeno's mission is to make sure you know that he is superior to all Earthlings. The shyer Zed astounds all with his 7,234,732-calorie diet. Linda, the only female of the troop, holds her own in the battle of wits with Zeno, and Drusus spills the beans as to why they are invading Earth: tax relief! Then there is Professor Philip Zachary Jones the human who puts up with these "guests." Did we mention that these guests have blasters? But don't let these moon people steal the show because it's really about us Earthlings!

What I Can Tell You:  Comic books are fun to read! Even kids who don't love reading, can quickly and easily get through a comic book and enjoy it. This alone is not a bad thing! Reading as we all know is very important. What is really great about Lunar Antics is that these comics are perfect for adults who like a little humor with their reading. There are so many adults friends that I know who never read anything. Sad but true. When I showed them “The Lunar Antics Presents: Boy, I’d Hate To Be Made Out Of That Stuff” most of them recalled loving comics as kids and wanted to borrow mine. I told them mine was spoken for my sister begged for it and I am sending it her way.

But you can....

Download your very own free book excerpt!
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In A Nutshell: The aliens are funny the dialogue smart! They all remind me of characters from Seinfeld or Will and Grace.  Humans take themselves to seriously and this book and there were some laugh out loud moments.  Don't be surprised if you find yourself digging through your bins of books looking for your old comics. I fished out my Far Side Books and old re-read.

Robert's book is great for kids and adults, as a mom I am always looking for things I can read with my kids.  My kids are only 4 and 6 so the dialogue is a tiny bit above them, but they love the pictures and I was able to paraphrase while still enjoying it myself. Great for 10+

I also had the opportunity to interview the author Robert Walters, here is how it went down:

So, Robert, when did you realize you wanted to write?
"When I was a child – but it was music I wrote!  My comics are a 21st century profession."
Ah, so that's why the professor was a music professor? Or wasn't it? Am, I reading too much into this? 

Why comics?
"Because they are simple descriptions of life. I feel I am only scratching the surface of what you can do with a simple 4-panel cartoon. And of course it’s fun!"

What is your day job?
"This is my day job. I am promoting this book full time."
Wow, good for you. Hopefully we see a second edition

How do you fit writing into your schedule?
"Let’s just say it ain’t easy!"

What’s next?
"Another volume of comics hopefully in 2011 – but don’t hold me to it!"       
Awesome, we will, wouldn't do that to you but we can hope can't we?

So, Robert, thanks for speaking with me. Anything else you want my readers to know?
"Sure, they can check out this link of an interview I did for Jazma Magazine"

Disclaimer: Thanks to Robert Walters I received a copy to read.


  1. I, too, was an Archie fanatic! Great post! I'll have to check this set out!

  2. Were you? Too funny. I stole an Archie book from a store when I was very young. Feeling totally guilty I brought it back. I just couldn't do it.

  3. BIRDIE S.3:52 PM

    Robert writes true funny ..... thats what makes my girls laugh love his work


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