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Holiday Gift Guide 2015

My Pick For Favorite Gift Idea Of The Year.

A Photo Blanket from Collage. You can see the rest of my review here

Collage doesn't only have blankets though...there is so much. Like the canvas featuring your photo or photo collage like this.


When Calls The Heart Season 2 Box Set - 10 DVDs - If you loved Little House On The Prairie or period series you will love When Calls the Heart, a historical drama aired on The Hallmark Channel based on author Janette Oke's bestselling book series. I love the series. It is a reminder of a quieter, simpler time. Great characters who talk about family, morals and faith. A wonderful series in this day and age. One you can watch with your family and never be embarrassed.

 The Carol Burnett Show The Lost Episodes DVD Gift set. These are truly a wonderful gift for TV lovers but especially lovers of this iconic comedian. Read my review here


MR. WARMTH! DON RICKLES: THE ULTIMATE TV COLLECTION - A MUST HAVE - I loved everything about this box set. If you are a fan of comedy or shows of the early 70s, you will love this DVD set. See my review here which shows you were to order it.

Fresh off the Boat is just one of the hysterical shows on the ABC Comedy lineup. My daughter love watching it together and crack up at least three times during the half hour. It is about a family from Taiwan who came to the US to open a restaurant. I had no idea this was based on a book until I researched for this entry into my Holiday Gift Guide but love it! You will love Eddie and his family. My favorite character has got to be his overbearing mother who loves her family without apology played beautifully by Constance Wu who is a crazy combination of psycho and Kewpie doll.  To Order head here

Headphones, for sports, home, or travel with a case. Great price! Microphone too. Order here 


Modern Family Season 6 DVD Box Set. Fun for the whole family. Award winning for a reason. See my review here.To Purchase here 

Bluetooth, wireless lamp speaker. Perfect for listening to your music and using as a night light. We love falling asleep to music and fight over this speaker nightly. To purchase.

The Home Alone 25th Anniversary Box Set featuring all 5 movies and more! My kids love the paint can container. See my son's unboxing video here. My review here

Where Hope Grows is a beautiful movie about acceptance, friendship and compassion. See my review and where to purchase here

American Horror Story Freak Show The Complete Fourth Season.  Well any season because this is one of my absolute favorite shows.  The cast is truly amazing and the storyline magnificently written.  Each season you get to see some of your favorite cast members (Kathy Bates, Evan Peters, Emma Roberts, Angela Basset, Jessica Lange, and Sarah Paulson) to name a few in completely new roles as the seasons don't run into each other. It is always a completely new storyline. American Horror Story Freak show takes us behind the scenes of a carnival and all the crazy antics of the clowns, freaks, and show runners. It is truly a great series. Get into it now and see what you are missing.  


Once Upon A Zombie - Book and doll tie in too!
Great mashup tale! YA fans will love it and if you are so inclined there is even a doll for some of the main characters of the book.  See my review here.

The Snoopy Treasures. This book has everything every Snoopy fan could ever ask for. It is hardcover and contains folders of memorabilia to put a smile on your face.  My review here.

Everything Here Is A Nightmare by my Friend Nelson Pyles. A collection of scary stories written by the host of The Wicked Library. To Purchase.

Apuglogies - The perfect apology tear out book. Let these sweet face doing the apuglogizing.  See my review here. Order here.



The School of Art. This is a must read for all new artists. It is 40 easy to follow instructions and fun illustrations will have you drawing like a pro or at least approaching the paper in a whole new way. Order from Amazon. My review is here

Guinness World Records 2016. Great book full of interesting information. See my review here.  Order on Amazon

20 Hangable Prints for Book Nerds. Perfect for framing. See my review here. Purchase on Amazon 

The Perfect Wife by my friend Annmarie Busch. What happens when you think you have it all but suddenly find yourself thinking about another man?  The Perfect Wife is a story about Victoria, a loving mother and wife who finds herself drawn to a man who isn't her husband and he to her.  Sometimes it takes one turn on the road of life to change everything.  To Purchase the Perfect Wife.


Book every home owner should have. The Black and Decker Home Planner and Log Book available at Amazon - My review here

The 5 Gallon Bucket Book is full of DIY project from easy to difficult. Make a swing, a water filtration system even a toy storage unit and more. So many projects with colorful photos and easy to follow directions. See my review here - Order on Amazon

Barnyard Kids A Family Guide To Raising Animals has everything you need to know if you are thinking about getting some farm animals. Full of colorful photos and tips and tricks from chickens to horses. Don't do it without checking out this book first. Purchase at Amazon and see my full review here 

Safely Home by my friend Susan Wilbur and if you have a chance to check out the thank you section, you will see yours truly mentioned in there. Very proud moment for me. I am so happy to know Sue and her family and think this book is beautiful, profound, funny and a reminder that you don't have to birth a baby to love them as a mother. Adoption is love! To Purchase

Book ends from Knob Creek Metal Arts. I love these. There are so many to choose from. Like Nerds, Bats, Raven, Tentacles, Author or this one called Wizard School.
Flask Book - Come on! How cool is this? a book with a place for a hidden flask from Uncommon Goods. 
Put Me In The Story are personalized books that place your child into some of the bestselling children’s picture books where they can interact with well-loved characters. Your child is the star. There are even books for adults. See my review and vlog here. To Purchase this personalized book.

Beautiful personalized necklace from Things Remembered along with so many more beautiful gifts.  My full review is here.

18K gold robin egg blue earrings. See my review here. Purchased from Amazon

Stunning Tennis Bracelet. I adore this piece. See my review here. Purchase from Amazon

Stunning Tennis Bracelet. I love this piece. Truly a beautiful bracelet. Very large and eye catching. Nice accessory for the upcoming holidays. See my review here. Purchase here

Tiara Ring - This ring is one of my favorites. It is a nice simple piece that looks amazingly real. To Purchase

Mini Beer Pong - The perfect carry anywhere beer drinking game has everything you need in a tiny carry case. See my full review here.


ManCan makes the perfect gift because:
·        Take it anywhere! Whether you are tailgating, camping, fishing, or heading to your friends for a BBQ, you will never worry about breaking your growler with the indestructible ManCan.
·        Always a Fresh Glass! Never worry about your beer going flat again. In a traditional glass growler, your favorite craft beer goes flat within 1 day of opening it, but ManCan preserves the unique characteristics of the craft beer you sought out to share with friends and family.
·        Perfect Fit! The ManCan 128 is a full gallon of beer that fits in the door of the fridge. The stainless steel, keg-style growler alternative is designed to preserve the quality of craft beer and can be filled at most breweries. With its patented threaded cap that seals in carbonation and locks out air, the ManCan 128 keeps beer brewery-fresh for weeks, unlike a traditional growler.
·        Perfect Gift! The ManCan 128 is a brewery in your fridge, or wherever you want to take it.  ($195 at www.ManCan.Beer)

Dove Channel is a whole new way to watch TV.  For $4.99 a month, Dove Channel has more than 900 hours of TV and movies—all stories that will delight, inspire and challenge your family, reinforcing good values, celebrating triumphs and lifting spirits. And all the programs have been vetted by The Dove Foundation to ensure they are family friendly. 

XSense - A aromatherapy way to change your mind set depending on the moment in your day. See my review here.

MILK & COOKIES KIDS SPA & SALON stocking stuffers! The new hotspot for tots on the uppereast side of NYC is a spa and salon that caters to boys and girls with pampering treatments that are packed with fun.  The owners have created their own body soaps to look like cookies and treats.  These soaps are the perfect stocking stuffer- under $10 for each.

The Lavender Vanilla Snow Body Wash & Raspberry Winter Body Wash ($9.95 each) are also holiday perfect products. The Luxuriating body washes contain unique foaming agents that lather easily and gently cleanse - and formulated without lauryl and laureth sulfates. The hydrating lotions feature an advanced essential oil complex to sooth and smooth and regenerate skin's lost moisture.

GIOVANNI ECO CHIC COSMETICS Giovanni Eco Chic Cosmetics features eco-friendly products at an affordable price. Perfect for stocking stuffers and beauty gifts. The Hot Chocolate Scrub ($13.95) warms upon contact with skin and features a decadent, rich scent with gentle sugars to buff and polish skin to smoothness.

Emoticat Stickers  - Everyone loves cats and everyone loves stickers. Check out this book of fun cat stickers. See my review here. Order from Amazon here.

iPhone 6 Cases. There are so many cases on the market but here are a few of my favorite for this holiday season.

CM4 Wallet/Case. It is great looking and comes in the perfect box for gift wrapping. Looks like leather. Slim lined! See my review here.

Silk Innovations iPhone Cases. So many cases for so many personalities at a great price.   See my favorites in my review here

Bunnies by The Bay is my new favorite place to buy baby loveys like blankets, stuffed animals and more. 

Bluum Subscription Box for babies and caregivers.  Get a box every month for baby filled with baby friendly items and then some.

DESCRIPTION: The Little Lotus Baby line, made by Embrace Innovations, is like the Toms Shoes of baby products: for every $100 of Little Lotus Baby sold, $25 goes to saving the life of a preterm infant in the developing world.

Little Lotus Baby products are designed with an innovative phase change material embedded in soft fabric, constantly releasing or absorbing heat to keep babies at the optimal temperature. This is especially important because Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is linked to babies overheating.  Little Lotus products also have a unique design that makes them extra easy to put on and take off, even while your baby is sleeping. It’s the most comfortable product in the world for your little one, and parents have even reported that their babies are sleeping better with Little Lotus products.
PRICE: $150-$160, full product line here.

Christmas/holiday jammies from KicKee Pants and also some super soft throw blankets

Mary's Secret Ingredient Subscription box 
  Santa Cookie Cake from Gourmet Gift Baskets was amazing! Very festive and so delicious. You can see my review here. 


The Best Coffee Cake ever from Hahn's Old Fashion Coffee Cake Company. You can see my review here.

King Of Pop.Com
Gourmet Pop Corn. Different and delicious. We loved it! See our review and video here.  We had the Thanksgiving Feast where all the popcorn taste like food you would eat at Thanksgiving included the meal and dessert.

Mill Fudge Factory & Ice Cream Café is now offering its delectable line of hand-crafted fudge nationally through its online shop at 

The Mill Fudge Factory fudge is available in an assortment of classic and inventive flavors, including Belgian Chocolate, Chocolate Walnut, Natural Peanut Butter, Scottish Whiskey, Pure New Hampshire Maple, Bailey's Irish Cream, Pumpkin Pie and much more. The Factory also offers an assortment of decadent truffles and toffee. All confections are available in gift baskets and elegant sampler boxes. 

Go Picnic is the Ultimate Holiday Gift. Send someone you love a box of meals like breakfast, lunch and snacks today.  See my review of these nutricious on the go meals here. 


Velocity Toys has some great remote control cars like this one. The Reaper Racer. It goes as fast as 15 MPR and looks hot too!

My Friend Cayla - For me this is hands down the toy of the year. You can see my review and video here.  To Purchase head over to Amazon 


BabyTV's Tilly The Duck is fluffy and cuddly. Purchased on Amazon

Dr. Scholl's Dream Walk Express Pedi Foot Smoother. Great for softer, smoother skin on your feet. See my full review here to find out more and where to purchase.

Customized, extremely affordable phone cases by Tryone Direct. This company will take your photos or art work and print it on an iPhone case. The quality is amazing. Check out my review . Order from Amazon.

Kidz Bop CD and Musical Toothbrush. These are definitely Kid Friendly and you will love them too! Perfect stocking stuffers that kids will appreciate. See my review.

Ring It by Blue Orange Games. This fast paced game is perfect for family game night or to take with you anywhere because it comes in it's own perfect travel case. See my review and where or get one here

Copper Moscow Mule Mugs. Stunning and keep your drinks cool.  Two to a pack and look beautiful too!

The Piano Guys Live! This CD is incredible. For More Information 

New! Now fashionista’s can hop from one holiday party to another with the newest solution for relieving blister pain instantly. COMPEED® Blister Cushions use hydrocolloid technology and fit like a second skin, staying on all day long. Compact enough to fit in any holiday clutch. SRP $8.99, only at Walgreens.

New! BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Bandages by Oh Joy! feature bright, colorful patterns and designs, offering a fun way to protect cuts and scrapes. Exclusively designed by leading DIY star Joy Cho, the bandages offer an assortment of 12 styles; available only at Target stores and; SRP $2.49

New! Make healing fun and entertaining with BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Bandages featuring Star Wars, BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Bandages featuring Peanuts and BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Bandages featuring Inside Out. Kids and adults alike can now cover up cuts and scrapes with designs featuring their favorite characters! SRP $2.49

Keep NEOSPORIN® + Pain Relief Ointment close by for easy application to unwanted minor cuts and scrapes from decoration or cooking mishaps this holiday season. It helps prevent infection and provides temporary pain relief. SRP $5.50
JOHNSON’S® baby take along pack is perfect for holiday travel. The pack includes JOHNSON’S® baby shampoo, JOHNSON’S® HEAD-TO-TOE® wash, JOHNSON’S® baby lotion, JOHNSON'S® baby powder pure cornstarch with aloe vera & vitamin e, and DESITIN® rapid relief cream. SRP $3.47

Keep JOHNSON’S® hand & face wipes on-hand to rid of dirt and germs before any holiday event. SRP $2.49

CoolReall Self Propelled Scooter is so much fun. We are having a blast and it is keeping the kids outdoors and active when I let them ride it. I enjoy it just as much as they do. To purchase head over to Amazon and you can see my full review plus video here.

The Moodsters

Feelings Flashlight™ and Storybook- an electronic flashlight that features The Moodsters character images with voice affirmations and fun play activities so kids can explore their feelings, helping them to process and understand their emotions. “The Scary Sleepover” storybook to complement the Feelings Flashlight with a story to take the “scary” out of bedtime. The night of the treehouse sleepover is finally here, but the backyard is full of spooky noises and dark shadows.  The Moodsters help their friend, Zach, face his fears – and save the sleepover!

Moodster Meter™ and Storybook- an electronic “feelings thermometer” with character voices helps little ones learn a vocabulary for their feelings so they can express their emotions. “Meet The Moodsters” storybook. When seven year old Zach’s magic trick goes wrong, he has to deal with a big mess—and some big feelings! The Moodsters will need to use their best detective skills to help Zach understand how he feels and get his good mood back. Grab your detective hats and get ready to help The Moodsters solve the case!

Moodster Mirror™- an electronic mirror with character voices to help kids recognize their feelings and non-verbal cues, which is a key EQ skill. “A Time to Be Kind” storybook. Zach and his best friend, Sam, love to ride their bikes together. But when something terrible happens to Sam’s bike, Zach has a tough decision to make. With a little help from The Moodsters, Zach, learns how kindness can make things right in this heartwarming story that explores the true meaning of friendship.

Draw 4 Dino Dig - Family Game Night - A game where you are the paleontologist and need to find more dinosaurs then your opponents but watch out, they can steal your bones.  For my review.

Ring It is a fun, fast paced game that will have you laughing. For my review and where to order go here.

The Squirrel King!  Are kits for fostering the love of creativity! For my review go here. You can purchase these kits directly from The Squirrel King

Gold Panning Kits from Discovery Channel's Gold Rush - See my review here. To Purchase

Tic Stac Toe - The most fun Tic Tac Toe Game ever! It totally changes up this much played game making it a challenging, thought provoking game.  Everything you thought you knew about this game is about to change! See my review here

Roku Streaming Sticks or family now has a Roku box in everyone bedroom. It is like having cable without having cable. The kids were only able to watch movies on their DVDs players now they can watch Amazon, You Tube, Netflix, and more. Definitely a gift that keeps on giving and so very affordable. Way cheaper than getting cable in their bedrooms. 
French Press Coffee Set - I think this is my favorite way to make and enjoy coffee! This press is perfect for yourself or gift giving. For my review go here. To Order go find it here.

Wood Easel and desk. Adjustable easel, paint palette and drawer storage. Carry case handle. Only $19.96 Order here

K-Cup Carousel Holder. Every one has one these days. This guy holds 24 cups and takes limited counter space.


  1. I have always liked the Photo Blankets. The perfect gift!

  2. id love that blanket collage with all 14 of my grandkids on it

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  4. There are many great holiday gifts here listed for the entire family to enjoy this coming Christmas.

  5. Great list! A favorite of mine is The Carol Burnett Show The Lost Episodes DVD Gift set. My wife is a big fan, and I know she would love this set!

  6. I love the Santa Cookie Cake. I would love that for Christmas here for the kids and family.

  7. The Carol Burnett SHow has always been a favorite of mine!

  8. The Mill Fudge Factory fudge sounds amazing. I love trying different flavors of fudge.

  9. I love that bluetooth wireless speaker lamp! It would be great to have at night.

  10. The French Press Coffee Set looks great! My hubby would love it.

  11. Maria Wood7:01 PM

    I love just about everything you have here! All beautiful things to give for Christmas!

  12. SO many great things! You know I just started watching fresh off the boat. its so funny. now i need to get the dvds and go back and watch from the beginning. :D

  13. guiness book of world records - great for kids and adults!

  14. I love the Carol Burnett Show and would like this gift.

  15. I like the Santa Cookie cake!

  16. The Carol Burnett Show The Lost Episodes DVD Gift set would make a great gift :)

  17. The Gold Panning Set is fun! I also like books and gift cards as gifts.

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  18. I like the Tiara Ring.

  19. I love the Snoopy Forever book. What a great gift idea!

  20. Rose Becker1:16 PM

    I would recommend adding the Amazon Echo to your wish list.

  21. I'd like to read the "Everything Here Is A Nightmare" and the wooden easel is really nice.

  22. This gift would be a great one for anyone on your christmas list; Photo Blanket from Collage.

  23. I would love the Snoopy Treasures book. But I also think you should consider adding the Keurig Kold Drink Maker and the Amazon Echo to your list.

  24. Marnie G (Derrick Todd)2:15 AM

    I really like the necklace from Things Remembered. I would love to get that for Christmas.

  25. The Carol Burnett is a great suggestion.

  26. The Carol Burnett Show is a great suggestion

  27. Really digging the Home Alone gift suggestion.

  28. The copper Moscow Mule Mugs are genius. I would highly recommend that the Amazon Echo be added to the gift guide. It looks amazing.

  29. Marnie G (Derrick Todd)6:11 AM

    Great ideas -- I always like getting new ideas. It would be great if you added a section for grandparents.

  30. Marnie G (Derrick Todd)8:24 AM

    I really like the XSense. It would make a great stocking stuffer.

  31. The books are for sure my favorites. I especially like the The Snoopy Treasures story book. So cute & fun too. :)

  32. I wish I had received Mill Fudge Factory fudge this Christmas .

  33. I wish I had received one of those blankets and I wish someone had bought my kids the CoolReall Self Propelled Scooter!

  34. I wish I would have received Book ends from Knob Creek Metal Arts


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