Thursday, October 15, 2015

Reusable Food Pouch Makes Baby Food And Easy To Take And Go

When Handsome was a baby I lovingly made all his baby food. He never ate his food out of a jar; I was a stay at home mom and I was going to nurse and cook all his food. So, every weekend I boiled tons of veggies and fruit, pureed until I was sore and stored and froze everything. Then I would take out what I needed the day before I needed it so it was ready to go. I would have loved something like this when he was a baby.

However....I love this for not only baby food but for all kinds of things like yogurt, apple sauce, pudding, and more. It is the perfect way to take your food to go.

Simply open the bottom, fill and seal. Be sure to put the cap on first because I found out the hard way you cannot fill without.

These are perfect and you can easily send these to daycare with your baby all pre-measured for your baby's meal.

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