Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Learn Art In Simple Lessons With The School Of Art #bookreview

Product Description:

This interactive book teaches the basics of art and design that may start a youngster on the rewarding path of creative living.
  • Publisher: Quarto Publishing
  • Author: Teal Triggs
  • Illustrator: Daniel Frost
  • Hardcover / 96 pages
  • Made in the USA

Art is probably one of Goddess' favorite things to do. It is a love we share and something we try to foster by providing her with a lot of different mediums to try and work with. Watching her create is something my husband and I take joy in and thankfully we are in a school that still has art programs.

This book by Teal Tiggs and illustrated by Daniel Frost teaches some basic art skills that to me weren't all so basic.

Goddess has always loved showing movement in her photos and has been doing this for a long time and found this section on showing direction interesting.

The book is set up into Term just like a school. From the most basic lesson entitled How Does A Line Begin? TO What Do We Mean By Aesthetics and How can we think visually?

Last night we studied the section How Do Flat Shapes Become 3 D and as soon as we have something good we will post it.

It's a nice, larger hard cover book with easy to read passages and helpful, fun illustrations.

This is definitely a must read for all new artists.

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy. No monetary compensation was offered or received.

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