Monday, October 19, 2015

My Son's Absolute Favorite Pizza

My son AND my husband will eat pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I love it too but nowhere near where these guys do.

They love it from the pizzeria and they love it frozen. They are true pizza lovers.

We don't live in an area that delivers pizza so we ALWAYS have at least two frozen pizza's in the freezer and they absolute favorite is FRESCHETTA.

In 25 minutes they have a great tasting pizza and I don't have to stress about what they are having for dinner.

Plus, there’s a crust for every taste: Naturally Rising (with no chemical leaveners), Brick Oven or Gluten Free. And each pizza is made with only the best ingredients: 100% natural cheese, premium toppings and sauce made with four vine-ripened tomatoes. Brick oven? Bah.
My son is a pepperoni fan where my husband loves the Classic Surpreme but really as long as it is pizza they will eat any of the Freschetta flavors.

If you have a chance check out Freschetta for yourself. You won't be disappointed.

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