Monday, October 12, 2015

Easy To Use Detox Wrap

About the Product

  • 100% Organic & natural ingredients - Spa quality at your home! Don't expose your delicate body to chemicals , Try our organic formula!
  • This kit includes 8 sachets of volcanic clay and organic herbal extract, plus 2 reusable wraps.
  • Reduce stretch marks, firms and tones your skin, reduces eczema, fights wrinkles and immediate inch loss.
  • Rejuvenate while removing toxins from fat cells and actively killing cellulite.

I have been interested in these wrap things for months now. It seems like everyone on Instagram has tried one or knows someone who has tried one.

The Victoria Featherlight Detox Body Wraps are easy to use.

Step 1 - Wash the area to be treated
Step 2 - Boil some water
Step 3 - Mix a packet of mud with some warm water
Step 4 - Pour the boiling water over the wrap.
Step 5 - Apply the mud to the area you are treating
Step 6 - Carefully wring out the wrap
Step 7 - Wrap the area you are treating

I love the smell of the mud when I added the warm water. It was spa like.  It smelled wonderful.

Once you mix the mud you put it on your body then wrap the bandage around securing it with the included clips. Just like Ace bandage clips.

I would say the hardest part was keeping the bands warm. They seemed to get very cold very quickly. This probably has a lot to do with the house being 62 when I did this. The package suggests wrapping warm towels around the bandage to keep the  heat in.

Today I kept the band on for an hour and a half. It was cold when I removed it as were my clothes. This is probably something to do on a warmer day.

It was easy to use. I like the smell. I didn't see any difference when I removed the wrap perhaps after the next wrap.

The kit comes with 8 mud packs and two reusable bandages.

My skin didn't itch or burn wearing the mud and wrap
It was fairly easy to use
Clean up was easy. The mud comes RIGHT off
Skin was soft afterward
Felt tightening around middle which is where I used it. I can't wait to use it again.
Worth the money

I got cold
My clothes got wet

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for my honest opinion.

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