Friday, November 27, 2015

I Do Believe French Press Coffee May Be My Favorite

I remember many years ago before my dear friends moved much further away, whenever I visited they always made French Press Coffee. It was always a good cup off coffee and it seemed that they put that little bit of extra effort into serving coffee. They didn't just toss some water and coffee into a drip pot and hope for the best. There was timing involved with the perfect cup and I felt special drinking it.

It isn't difficult at all as I learned today when I tried to make French Press Coffee for the first time.

  • You heat up some water not to the point of boiling.
  • Measure out the coffee grinds. Two tablespoon fulls for every 8 oz of coffee
  • Slowly poor the water into the press (the coffee grinds may float around but that is OK)
  • Stir. The coffee will settle
  • Percolate - Basically this means return the lid which has the plunger already attached. Wait about three minutes and the slowly depress the plunger to the bottom. This will trap all the coffee grinds.
  • Pour and enjoy!

It is super easy and the coffee tastes amazing.

I can't wait to serve this to friends.

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