Thursday, October 01, 2015

A New Use For Old Baby Clothes

Proud newborn parents are likely to believe their baby is never too young for NFL baby clothes. Some family traditions rest completely on the new baby's ability to spark competitive conversation around the family's team choice or the adorable nature of the clothing. Parents sometimes become so attached to these items, it is tough to donate them to charity or give them away to family or friends when their children outgrow them. There are creative ways to keep these garments around without filling the attic with dusty boxes.

Sentimental clothing can be sewn into a quilt to ensure it lasts for several generations. In fact, quilting projects are a respectable way for families to bond over memories and catch up with one another. Even if there are no real quilters in the family, the process of cutting team insignia from old baby clothes and sewing it onto squares is so easy, even those who are challenged by craft projects can do it. Libraries and bookstores abound with how-to books and videos to assist the process.

Cushion Covers
A favorite chair, or a stadium cushion might benefit from a cover with the old insignia, too. Covers work much like pillows when you are sewing them. You simply cut the squares, match and sew them together on the wrong side, turn the squares inside out, insert the pillow and sew the case closed. This is something that can easily be accomplished with hand sewing, so there is no need to be afraid of machines.

Man Cave Plate Chargers or Placemats
Most men who have a separate space in their houses to watch sports with friends rarely care about making a mess in that space. However, there are some who would rather not deal with the ire of their wives after the mess has been made. Old baby clothes can work well for place mats that are casual and durable. Simply sew the insignia from the clothing onto a pre-made mat. It can easily be tossed into a washer between sports games.

As babies grow and develop their own interests, the baby clothing that their parents loved seeing them wear may become less important to them. Parents, however, do not have to toss out those old clothes in a yard sale or at a charity donation center. They can hold on to baby clothing memories by repurposing the clothing for other things.

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