Sunday, October 04, 2015

The Most Perfect Scrambled Eggs, Quick, And Easy #eggtastic

After watching the informercials for Eggtastic I was interested in seeing if it actually does work or would it taste like eggs in a microwave?

We received an Eggtastic three weeks ago and have used it at least 10 times and will never go back to scrambling in a pan.

Eggtastic is a ceramic microwaveable egg cooker that cooks your eggs in a 3 step process.

1 - Crack and Egg
2 - Put it in the microwave
3 - Enjoy!

My son and I are the scrambled egg eaters in the house and he NEEDS everything to be the same. As a kid on spectrum he notices any changes in his life and has no problem telling me.  The other day I made meatballs with the left-over cabbage, turkey and ginger mixture Goddess and I use to make dumplings. I made them exactly like I would meatballs. I thought they were delicious. Minis with just a tiny bit of tomato sauce is how he likes them but right away he told me, "no they don't feel right on my tongue, they taste like vegetable". He was right, they were mostly cabbage. Forget buying the cheaper version of anything. HE KNOWS! So when I placed the first batch of eggs in front of him, I stayed close by. It was the big test.  He put the first fork full in his mouth and then another, and kept going.

Hooray! He liked it, would I like it?

I made mine scrambled as well but the next morning I decided to have poached eggs instead. A tiny bit of water, my two eggs and a minute later I had delicious poached eggs.

There is no oil necessary! The eggs cook up light and fluffy and the clean up is a breeze. PLUS, I don't have to stand over the stove scrambling eggs. I put it in the microwave, hit a minute or more depending on how many eggs I have in there. Go about my business and by the time I come back they are ready to be eaten.

You can eat them like I do right out of the canister or like Handsome does in a plate because he is quicker to dive in and the canister does get hot. You need a towel or pot holder to grab it from the microwave.

Don't like just scrambled eggs? You can even add fillings, I've added cheese, ham, spinach, whatever you want!

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered

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