Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Wash Your Hands And Improve Your Mood #Scentspiration

NEW Softsoap Fragrant Foaming Collection Hand Soap Line are  three specialty-inspired fragrances that will help you express your personal style in each room of your home.

Think: “Scentspiration.“ Let the fragrances of the new line help you to transform your bathroom, kitchen, or guestroom entirely inspired by the new unique scents of the Fragrant Foaming Collection.

These new soaps are so wonderful. We put the Kitchen Citrus Bliss in the Kitchen but we couldn't decide which to put in the bathroom so we put both. That way we can decide depending on what mood we are in and isn't that the intention of these anyway?

  • Jasmine and White Cotton: Impress your guests with the fresh scent of Jasmine and White Cotton. Its airy aroma makes every hand wash sparkle, while lush foam gently purifies the skin.
  • Whipped Cocoa Butter: Pamper your skin with the rich foaming lather infused with real cocoa butter extracts. The decadent scent of Whipped Cocoa Butter makes every hand wash a treat.
  • Kitchen Citrus Bliss: Awaken your senses and brighten your home with the crisp, sun-drenched scent of Kitchen Citrus Bliss. Its vibrant aroma invigorates every hand wash, while lush foam gently cleans and soothes skin.

Besides smelling amazing these soaps make you want to soap up as I've seen my kids doing since placing them around the sinks. I can tell you the Whipped Cocoa Butter is a favorite as it has been used 50% than any other.  It smells like chocolate and the beach!

All of them come out the pump as white foam and washes away easy,  leaving your hands smelling amazing and clean. 

Oh before I forget the containers are nice looking as well.  

You can pick these up wherever you buy soap. I saw them at CVS and Walmart!

Disclaimer: I received complimentary samples for my honest opinion.  No monetary compensation was offered. 

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