Sunday, November 08, 2015

Why Is It Called A Hover Board When It Doesn't Hover? Watch Goddess Be Real Cool on the CoolReall

We are loving our CoolReall Self Propelled Scooter!

We received it November 2nd and spent the past week riding it up and down the hallway because I really needed the kids to be confident once we hit the pavement.

The hall was the perfect place to practice because with the walls on both sides I felt that if they were falling they could steady themselves.

Handsome got it pretty quickly making it turn easily.


They practice every chance they get because not only do they want to go outside with it, it is super fun to ride. I love it and was surprised with how easy it is to get on it right out of the box and I am NOT in shape or a sporty, active chick.

I love it so much that I spend my phone calls riding up and down the hallway. 

Today Goddess and I headed outside for the first time. It's Football Sunday so you can't get Handsome to do anything away from a TV.

She was amazing!

I must admit while it was easy to get on there is a learning curve. It took me about 2 minutes to get down my hall the first time and that was because I wasn't using my ankles to lean. AND even though I have been on and off at least 50 times in a week. SOMETIMES I still don't do it right. The thing will move if you don't get up on it right away. If you put your foot on with some weight it starts spinning and the only way for that not to happen is to get on there quick. Leg stance is pretty much up to you. Wide apart or close together it is all in the personal preference. To stop you lean slightly back to turn you just move your body and to spin you do the same. It is easy to get the hang of but I if you are fearful and I was today outside on the backtop, you could get hurt. There was one time that I actually called Goddess over to help me dismount. I needed to hold onto her to do it.

Like everything else the more you practice, the better you will be. It kicked out the first two times Goddess and I got on it and slammed us both in our own ankles. Hasn't happened since but we learned our lesson.

If you ever get the chance to get on one, you will want one. It is soooo much fun.

Don't be surprised if you see one on your child's Christmas list this year. Everyone wants one and there are so many to choose from but I think pricing and quality is key in a high priced item like this.

The CoolReall is sturdy. It holds a charge. We only charged one time and have been riding it for over a week. The battery indicated still reads fully charged.  We love the blue lights and are having so much fun learning how to ride.


Exercise (Great core exercise and good for your legs)
Unplugged play (anything that gets the kids outside and off the computer is a good thing)
Easy to learn
Lights and sound

Heavy (this little thing weighs a lot! About 29 pounds)

While the price may seem high for some it is well worth the cost. If you are getting it, get it now. These will be a sell out this holiday season. They are really really cool!


  1. Morning Maria,

    Fun! I especially like the BLUE LIGHTS (of course).

    Thanks for playing today.
    Have a Beautiful Blue Monday!

  2. Hi Maria, a blue share is great to get Monday rolling! Thank you.

  3. I would be too chicken to try that because I would definitely break something...hahaha
    Joy @ Books and Life

  4. These look really cool for the kids. I know I would roll into a hospital bed if I tried.


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