Saturday, October 10, 2015

Hooking My Laptop Up To My TV Is A Breeze

We have so many cables in this house. We have a rather large TV and we love movie night but when our Blu-ray player went, we were limited to the DVDs provided by the library which it seems they have stopped ordering since most now have Blu-ray. So while we had 200 new releases to choose from, we now had 25. UNTIL my husband said, why don't we use the Blu-ray player on your computer?

I couldn't even imagine how this would work but he told me it was a simple connection. Just one wire was needed.

So...we got a Zakix high speed HDMI cable and in two minutes my laptop was playing on the TV. I have had to try not to take over the TV for reading my email or typing on my blog because well....the rest of the family is not interested and want to use the TV as a TV, not my personal, huge monitor so I'm doing my best to be fair.

My favorite thing to do is hook up the computer to the TV and watch slide shows of my photos. They look amazing.

The cable is 6 feet long, so we have it running the bottom of the wall to the computer and I love that it is a two pack because we are going to do the same thing for Handsome in his room.

Technology is a wonderful thing.

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