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Award Winning Books: Pumpkinheads Learn Through Play - Great Read Out Loud Books

Pumpkinheads, the family-approved company that emphasizes social awareness, ethnic diversity, emotional intelligence, and ethics for children between the ages of 2-6. has won a Dr. Toy 100 Best Of 2015 Award for their acclaimed book series. The Dr. Toy Top 100, comprised of 10 unique 10 Best Awards, selected the Pumpkinheads book series as a winner within the “10 Best Children's Products Award Program for 2015” category. Dr. Toy carefully reviewed thousands of books and toys, awarding the year’s best to companies whose products exemplify that “play is children’s work” and incorporate the ideal balance of active, creative, and educational experiences for “smart” play. 

The Pumpkinheads book series have also won Parent Tested Parent Approved and Academics’ Choice Smart Book awards, as well as a Mom’s Choice AwardsTM for “Carmin Cares.” Academic’s Choice states, “Great books! Bright and sunny characters, expressive faces, and attractive art catches the young child’s eye. Awareness building about themselves and others is really key in these books. Common themes of sharing, self-esteem, reverence for the natural world,feeling alone or loved, and making the world a better place are great topics for young children and beyond. Reading, reviewing and reflecting with children about these topics is a great start for these themes to be introduced to them. Using these rhyming books for discussion and pointing out real world examples will further deepen the understanding of these lessons in life.”
Pumpkinheads focuses an inclusive approach to child development with the book series teaching valuable moral and emotional lessons such as learning from mistakes; embracing racial diversity; exploring imagination; developing resilience, and expressing kindness. In addition to the books, the company also features free educational worksheets, videos, games, an early childhood education digital magazine, and app. 
Racially diverse, the seven Pumpkinheads characters, Lulu; Carmin; Danza; Ella; Sage; Xavy and Cameron are the ideal role models for young children. Each has their own unique personality allowing children to engage and connect with them in multiple ways. 
About Karen Kilpatrick, Pumpkinheads Creator

Kilpatrick is a multiple award-winning children’s book author, a published author of short stories for adults, an attorney, and mother of three children. She also has built and sold several legal services websites. She is a graduate of Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service and NYU School of Law. She lives with her son and two daughters in Parkland, Florida.

The 411 by Maria:

I loved reading about these books. The Pumpkinheads are perfect family, child and school friendly books for children.

They are filled with repetitive and rhythmic words making the books fun to read out loud or for children to read on their own.

The pages are filled with colorful illustrations that corresponds with what is being said on the page to keep children focused and listening. 

In Peanut's Mistake; Peanut is the dog of Carmin and she gets herself in a little trouble. I say she because of the length of her eye lashes. 

Peanut runs in the house which is a big no no. A bunch of stuff falls and breaks. Peanut knows she is in trouble and hides. Carmin searches for Peanut who is hiding under the bed feeling bad. With some coaxing from Carmin Peanut finally comes out to face her mistakes and together they clean up making everything better. 

The story is the perfect opportunity to teach children to live up to their mistakes, we all make them. No one is perfect but together we can fix them and learn from them. 

In the book Imagine the Pumpkinheads use their imagination to create a world completely different. Grass is blue, the sky is purple, we can slide down rainbows and bounce on clouds, drive fast cars and swing from stars. It is a fun world with illustrations to show everything they dream up. 

At the end of the story the Pumpkinheads explain that the different colors didn't change anything a tree is still a tree no matter what it is and that colors make the world beautiful just like me and you where they show two hands being held, one white, one darker. 

It is a great book that not only shows a fun way to spend some time with your imagination but that we are all just people no matter what color we are. I loved this book which then asks for the reader to use their imagination and write about their own silly world, dream up their own special game and more. 

These books are really fun. There are so many other Pumpkinhead adventures books to choose from. Check them out at Pumpkinheads,

 Disclaimer: I received a complimentary book for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered.

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