Saturday, October 24, 2015

A Kitchen Must Have

I have wanted kitchen tongs since watching Rachel Ray and Giada use them on their cooking shows. They make flipping things so easy.

We had a small metal pair that I used for tossing salad but was always afraid to scratch my pans with them so never used them to cook.

This set of Vivree Kitchen Tongs are great for salad, flipping in a pan, oven or using on a BBQ.

The silicone tips mean that I will not scratch my pans!They also don't pull the breading off my cutlets or flake my fish when I turn it. I guess it is because the tips are soft.

This set comes with a 9" and 12" tong and you can hang them or place in a drawer.

There is even a way to lock them closed so you don't jam a drawer closed. Been there done that in the past. My other tongs were open and sometimes they opened up in a way that would stop the drawer from opening. I would have to stick something into the tiny opening in the drawer like a hanger and push and I could create enough room to move them away from the drawer and cabinet allowing me to open the drawer.

These are definitely something I will be using often.

To Purchase:
Vivree Kitchen Tongs Set - Salad & Grill Stainless Steel Serving Tongs with Silicone Tips - 9"&12" (Black)
Disclaimer: I received a sample at a discount for my personal opinion. No monetary compensation was offered.

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