Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Beach Inspired Interior Design Ideas

Now that fall is here, it’s easy to dream of warm summer days spent on the beach, but you don’t have to live near the seaside to enjoy the sensation of being near the ocean. Here are a few beach inspired design ideas that will help you feel as though waves are crashing right outside your door.

Lighten Up

Open up any natural lighting source in the area and allow beams of sunlight to flow through. If you wish to add a filter to create a more ethereal quality, drape a curtain of light, gauzy material over the windows, making sure the material is light enough to let the sunlight in. Switch out heavy furniture and dark colors with wicker pieces, preferably in white or neutral colors.

Effortless Art

Create centerpieces for your tabletops out of trinkets found in or near the ocean and arrange them in clear vases, bowls, or wooden boxes. Allow strands of shells and other items to fall casually outside of the container and onto the table’s surface. Use large sea shells and other beach finds to create shadow boxes or three dimensional pieces or wall art. Netting, driftwood pieces, and bottles of sand are all great additions to your design.

Wavy and Wrought

The beachside look doesn’t need to be interrupted simply due to a set of stairs. Incorporating wave inspired balusters like these, into your stairway can keep the theme moving throughout the entire space with ease and subtlety.

A Spot to Laze

Create a space for a relaxed escape in a well-lit area where you can sneak in a catnap or use as a reading nook. Hang a hammock or add a rocker with a comfy cushion and headrest. Set a small table nearby to hold your drink and place a hardback copy or two of Hemingway atop to encourage afternoon escapes to the sea.

Cool Blue and Soothing Sand

Keep dark tones at bay and instead use cool blues and sandy hues throughout your space. If you are incorporating patterns, opt for ones that are neutral in color and make sure they add to the light and airy feel you are trying to achieve.

With a few tweaks to your interior design, you won’t even need a sound machine to imagine the noise of crashing white, frothy waves. Make these changes around your home and you can create your own ocean side paradise.

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