Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Spring Vacation Volcano

Jenny Matlock

Over the Spring Break the kids and I spent a lot of time at the library getting movies, reading and taking out books. One of the books we borrowed was about experiments for kids. Unfortunately I don't remember the name and wish I would have written it down because there were some fun things to do with kids.

Anyway, there was a picture of a volcano which made me suddenly remember that if you put baking powder in vinegar, you will get a volcano. I grabbed my 25+ year old Baseball Hall of Fame beer glass, a tray, vinegar and baking soda  and headed to the deck. The kids were very excited when they saw me return with some green food coloring. Why bother doing a plain old volcano when you can make it colorful. OMG I sound like Cake!

There are way too many pictures of the volcano to bother you with but here are a few of our green volcano.

As you can see by Handsome's smile they were having a blast!

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