Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hallmark's Love's Everlasting Courage on DVD - A REVIEW & GIVEAWAY


Love's Everlasting Courage 
Starring: Cheryl Ladd, Wes Brown, Bruce Boxleitner, Julie Mond
Run Time: 88 Minutes
Release Date: May 8, 2012


A 2nd prequel to Hallmark's heartwarming and inspirational Love Comes Softly series.
Clark Davis struggles to maintain his land and support his family during a long drought. With a bank loan to repay, his wife, Ellen takes a job in town as a seamstress, but soon becomes ill with scarlet fever. Devastated to lose his beloved wife, Clark and his young daughter turn to his parents for support. Clark must find a way to save his farm and survive Ellen's death without losing the person he loves most: his daughter.

The 411 by Maria:
Since I am new series, this was a big surprise for me and now I must see Love Begins. I believe I hosted a giveaway but never saw it myself.  I love this era of movies. Reminds me of all the years I watched Little House On The Prarie. Julie Mond who plays Ellen for all your General Hospital fans played Lisa Niles for a while. Love her! It was strange seeing Cheryl Ladd as someone's grandma.  Great cast.

When the Davis family's farm takes a hit from the drought, Ellen does what any loving wife would do for her family; she takes a job as a seamstress in town. When Clark's parents come to visit, his mother Irene is concerned that Ellen is working "in my day wives didn't work." Clark's dad, Lloyd played by Bruce Boxleitner completely understands how his son's family is struggling and wants to help the farm.

Ellen is stricken with Scarlet Fever and Clark must be a full time parent to their young daughter Missy, adorably played by Morgan Lily who I fell in love with in 2012 and Flipped.

Clark's parents are the perfect supportive parents we all wish for and through their help, the Davis Family work together through love to keep their hearts open.

What I love most about this movie which was one of Hallmark's highest viewed series is the simplicity and quietness of life, family and love. I was often reminded of Little House on the Prairie and spent some time trying to find out where it was filmed but couldn't find much.

Wonderful family movie about the love of family.

a Rafflecopter giveaway Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this movie courtesy of 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment for my honest opinion.

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