Sunday, April 22, 2012

Screw You Computer, I Am Still The Winner!

Victorious. Maybe someone was trying to tell me that I work too hard. Maybe the universe wants me to do something else. Maybe my kids sabotaged it so I can spend more than 2 hours playing Guess Who. (Lord help me) Whatever it was, it is no longer an issue. My first Sony Vaio was a gift from the Teach after Handsome was born. Oddly enough, I thought..what a weird gift. We have two desktop computers. His plan was that I could be on the computer more often and not wait until the evening to go into the office and be tied to the computer "you can use it anywhere." Without that computer, I would never have started a blog, made vlogs, or edited photos. The computer that eventually became the catalyst for some of our arguments is my lifeline to work and my little paycheck. I run a community page for Greenwood Lake since they lost their newspaper and make 160.00 a month for 12 hour days, 7 days a week. It isn't much but for me justifies all my online time over the past few years. That original Sony Vaio, knock on wood is still running strong and the kids share it. It has also been my back up whenever there is a problem with my new 1 year, 4 month old Sony Vaio. This computer has always been slow. Start up takes 20 minutes and at the beginning of last week, my mouse decided not to work anymore. After many virus checks, registry checks, and more, Teach believes it really is just a crappy, broken mouse. I guess you can't have two wonderfully, awesome Sony Vaios two times in a row. This one had to be a problem. So, now I am typing away with a remote mouse and everything seems to be fine and back to normal. It will take some time to go back to a mouse and mouse pad but at least I get to finally use our Phineas and Ferb mouse pad.

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