Friday, April 20, 2012

Cat Snatching Children’s Book Captures Idea Inspired by Three-Year-Old

Back in 1997, author Larry Buttram, from Manassas Park, Virginia, was playing a game with his three-year-old niece, Lauren, when she said “Uncle Larry, I think someone should invent a game called, ‘Snatch That Cat’ all about a little girl trying to steal a cat. Fifteen years later, Buttram turned the idea for ‘Snatch That Cat’ into a child’s picture book. S.T.C. Snatch That Cat by Larry Buttram Illustrated by Paul Richardson $ 5.99 digital, $20.00 softcover 25 pages, color ages 3 to 8.

Hi, I'm Susie Bipp and I'm filthy rich and I get everything I want, but the thing I want most is a beautiful cat named Simon but that mean ole Mrs. Payne won't sell him to me. But that's okay 'cause I got a plan. One way or another I'll snatch that cat.

The 411 by Maria: 
Susie is spoiled. She is so spoiled she thinks she can have everything she wants and if you don't give it to her, she will take it. Even your cat. She is in love with Simon the cat who is owned by Mrs. Payne. Susie comes up with a plan to snatch him and keep her as her very own but when things don't go her way. She has no choice but to apologize and give him back to Ms. Payne.
The kids found the book funny, they thought Susie was a brat and I love Larry for it. We are not meant to have everything we want which is a lesson I constantly try to teach to my children. It is good to want but if you get everything you want, you have nothing left to want. Wanting is good for the soul and it keeps you trying hard. Plus, we all know, you can't always get what you want! 
The story is cute and the pictures adorable. 
Great read and I can't wait to loan it to Goddess' class for her teacher to read to the kids.
Snatch That Cat is available as an ebook through Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble, and in hard copy softcover from the publisher, New Virginia Publications
About the Author & Illustrator:
Larry Buttram grew up in Tennessee, and now lives in Manassas Park, Virginia with his wife Bridget. They have two children and four grandchildren. He has been writing since he was twelve, and has published three mystery novels and a book of short stories. His favorite writing related quote is from Mark Twain. When someone told him they thought he was a great writer, he replied, “Well, I started out to be, but then I ran out of paper.”
He is a member of the Knoxville Writers Guild, the Virginia Writers Club, and is the president of the Northern Virginia Writers Club. 
 Paul Richardson, and American Illustrator living in Japan. 
He received a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2003, he worked as a graphic artist that evolved into a visual effects artist for feature film. 
He currently works as an English teacher 30 minutes outside of Tokyo, moonlighting as an artist. Snatch That Cat is Paul’s first computer generated children’s book. 
Although original sketches were made to create the gestures, all the pages were redrawn using a computer to create the lines, colors and text.


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