Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Heart Aches for This Family

My heart aches for this boy and I hope the teachers, aides, faculty involved in this are taken care of in whatever way is practical. This is completely unprofessional and to treat another human being like this, never mind the handicap is just disturbing. May I never have to go through this because I am not sure that a simple, candid, video on You Tube would be enough. Kudos to this dad for keeping his cool. I am not sure how I would have reacted to this. God bless the person who ever tries to treat my kid like this! 


  1. Wow...that is absolutely shameful. I wonder if the adults (teacher and aides) ever did apologize to Akian or his dad? Akian is a lucky boy to have a dad like his fighting his corner with him.

  2. My heart broke listening to this. It's so sad what they did to Akian. I applaud his father for finding out why his son was having problems and was unhappy in school. The bullying has to stop...and it is scarey that the bulleys here were people who were suppose to keep him safe. I can't believe the teacher and aides were not let go and are still with children. I saw a portion of this on the news today, but did not catch the whole story. Maybe now that it is more public, something will be done.

  3. Wow...there are no words to express my disgust. I hope his dad keeps fighting until all of those women are fired, and humiliated like Akian was.


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