Sunday, March 21, 2010

Chore Charts For Kids

Getting your kids to help at home, starts early. If you haven't been having your children help out at home from a young age, what makes you think they are going to willingly contribute at 12, 13, 14 or older?

I have been having the kids do little chores since they were old enough to walk. Why, because they want to help but, also because I know that if I don't start showing them early they need to take responsibility to making sure the house is kept clean, they will go out into the world not knowing how to be clean, healthy, neat, organized people (that is the longest sentence ever).

Thanks to Mom Select, I heard about an awesome online site called My Job Chart.  The best part; it's FREE!!! If it's free, its for me and I am not ashamed to admit it.

You go My Job Chart and fill out the 6 questions and a password.

Once you do that, you head to the dashboard and enter all family members.

Once that is done, you start assigning jobs.  There is a list of jobs you can choose from. You select the child's name, click the job, check off whether it will be daily or weekly. There is even a place for you to add your own jobs to the list.  Each job has a point system that you can decide on.  Together you and your child can decide what the goal (prize) will be at the end and how many points they need in order to get it.

In the computer age, why not have lists online? My mother used to leave me these little hand written lists that she put on these sad little pieces of paper. Once done, I crossed it off. There was no big hoopla, no excitement, no sense of accomplishment, I basically just did what was expected and when she came home after a long day at work the last thing she wanted to see was my crossed off list.

With My Job Chart you can assign the jobs for your kids. The kids log on, see the jobs waiting for them, check them off and once they are done, they just hit the "I'm Done" button.  Once they do that, you can get either a text or an email and then YOU can reinforce how proud you are right away.  Kids as young as 4 can log on, hit their name and picture and see the jobs listed for them.  We will start using this system tomorrow now that I have it all ready for them.

Like MyJobChart Says, Fun for Kids, Easy For Parents.

Disclaimer: Thanks to Mom Select, I have received a $10.00 Target card for participating in this campaign for My Job Chart.


  1. Wish there was something cool like this from when my boys were little, I bet I could have gotten them to do their chores more often.

    Please stop over on my blog when you have a chance, I have something for you:

  2. Anonymous3:38 AM

    Nice brief and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you as your information.

  3. I was thinking the same as Lorie. My kids are too big for this now. Wouldn't been great when they were smaller.

  4. I'm just a paper list kinda gal, but maybe when my daughter is old enough for this it might come in handy!

  5. Anonymous10:01 PM

    Hey, came across this via Great post as I was looking for similar things!
    I also was trying and actually like it better. Even though my kids don't log in by themselves, it is a better system and I enjoy going over their charts with them and we sometimes print them out too.
    But, once this site gets some updates, I'll check it out again. :)

  6. Birdie S.3:50 PM

    This would be great but I wonder if it works for all age kids ???? I wish I had of thought of it

  7. What a great program. When my boys were younger, I got a big bristle board and wrote down a chore list. At the beginning of the week, I would let them decide which chores they wanted to do. They still complained though. lol

  8. I think this would be great for this generation of kids (mine would have loved it) that do so much on line; why not this?


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