Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Public Service Annoucement - Calling All Parents

Today, there was a massive 1 million recall on Baby Slings.

Report from ABC News
More than 1 million baby slings made by Infantino were recalled Wednesday after claims linking them to three infant deaths. The Consumer Product Safety Commission said babies could suffocate in the soft fabric slings. The agency urged parents to immediately stop using the slings for babies under 4 months.
The recall involves 1 million Infantino "SlingRider" and "Wendy Bellissimo" slings in the United States and 15,000 in Canada.

I was a big baby sling mama and Goddess spent most of her 1st year in a sling.  If you have one of these slings, please follow these directions.

My Baby Girl

Consumers should stop using the recalled slings immediately and contact Infantino to receive a free replacement product, with a choice of a Wrap & Tie infant carrier, or a 2 in 1 Shopping Cart Cover, or a 3 in 1 Grow & Play Activity Gym. A Jittery Pals Rattle will also be provided. Contact Infantino toll-free at (866) 860-1361 between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. PT Monday through Friday, or visit the firm's Web site at (AP)


  1. I saw this on the news and was mortified. I didn't use these when mine were babies, they weren't around. Not that I would anyhow. I used, "Snuggly". It keeps the child in an upright position and it was simple for me to feed both of them. I'd be nervous the baby would roll out of the sling, so it would not be in my home.
    What ever happened to carrying your child? I guess that is a lost art.

  2. Those poor parents of the babies that died...I feel for them. I was always too scared to use a sling with mine. Every time I would think about it I would have these awful images of dropping her or bumping her head on something (I'm pretty clumsy!) I never even imagined the issue of suffocation.


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