Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wednesday Weirdness #55

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1.) What are your least favorite sounds? Whining! I hate it (my daughter is the best at it, of course). I also hate gum chewing, dogs barking and kids screaming. The kids on my block are always screaming. Why do kids scream? Isn't blood curdling, screaming reserved for horror movies, the guy in the closet or someone trying to kidnap you? I can't tell you how many times I run to the window because of a scream. Do these kids not know the story of Peter and the Wolf?? Grrr...

2.) Do you enjoy reading infidelity blogs? Why? If you don't, is there any reason why you don't? Ummm...what is an infidelity blog? If it is about someone cheating, I don't really care what someone chooses to blog about. Blogs as far as I am concerned are very personal. If you wanted to blog about your bowel movements everyday, I say go for it. Doesn't mean I would read it but it's your blog and I am sure you will find an audience.

3.) If you could make one frivolous purchase right now without expense being an option, what one thing would you go buy? I would buy a brand new, superfast computer.

4.) Have you ever gotten drunk and then gotten behind the wheel to drive? Never. I am not a drinker and have been drunk about 3 times in my life but never was I driving. I am a boring, responsible person.

5.) As an adult, have you ever been caught having sex by someone you didn't ever want to catch you in the act? Not yet, but my kids come in all the time. Eventually they are going to be old enough to know what they walked in on. Damn C'blockers! My kids wake often, you never know when someone is going to come in.

6.) If your current significant other wound up in jail for no less than 5 years but didn't kill or physically harm anyone, would you wait for them or move on? I think this would really depend on what he is in jail for.

7.) If you had to participate, would you rather be in a mud wrestling competition or a JellO wrestling competition? The mud would be good for my skin but would burn my eyes, the Jello wouldn't hurt my contacts but would be sticky. Ummm..burn or sticky, burn or sticky. I'll take sticky please.


  1. I agree with your #7... plus... if you were to get jell-o in your mouth, hey, free desert... can't say that about mud

    great answers!

  2. Landon, Hahaha...true...I don't love jello but I guess you are right.


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