Sunday, May 10, 2009

Handsome Is Turning 6 Years Old Tomorrow & Mother's Day

Tomorrow my Handsome boy turns 6 years old. With school, Dad's schedule and life we scheduled his celebration for today on Mother's Day. Since he was born on Mother's Day in 2003 it makes the most sense to me. Tomorrow there will be a school celebration and friends will come over for cake but today was the day of gifts and ice cream (since he won't eat cake).

The morning was great. My husband/Teach woke and asked the kids if they had wished me a Happy Mother's Day. They hadn't since they knew today was a gift day for Handsome.

All week the kids had brought home gifts for Mother's Day and I refused to open them even though they asked me everyday.

The gifts were so cute. I got one of them on Friday when his class had a Mother's Day Brunch.
Isn't this cute? In December, the teachers had asked that we send in a sneaker if the kids grow out of them. I couldn't imagine what they were going to do with the sneakers. Well, at the Mother's Day Brunch we found out. They spray painted the sneakers gold and made it a plant holder. So cute!!

Here's a picture of my Mother's Day presents minus a very special one which won't be here until May 23rd or so. In the card, my husband wrote that he is getting me a Blackberry but until he does I should enjoy "these blackberries" under that he drew some blackberries. Don't you love when they are adorable?

The little bag and the rose pin was made with his OT teacher. The heart pins were made in Preschool with clay. The green one is from Handsome and the purple from Goddess. I love them all.

More pictures of Handsome's celebration coming up soon.

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