Friday, May 22, 2009

Oscar Mayer Review and...

another embarrassing moment in the world of Maria's Space.

Standing in front of the camera has never been comfortable for me. I am the one usually behind the camera for a reason.

I was one of the fortunate 100 to be selected to review Oscar Mayer. We were each sent a $15.00 gift card and asked to buy our favorite dog and condiments. You can check out my oh so humiliating video below.

We reviewed the Bun Length version and Oscar Mayer and my son has asked for one for dinner for two night straight now. He had one for lunch and one for dinner this evening.

They are as large as the bun and extremely juicy. I love mine with mustard and ketchup and my son likes his minus the bun and condiments.

Here I am in the 90 degree weather grilling up my dogs

Ahhh....yet more embarrassment. I really need an editing program. I could have stitched these together.


  1. I think YOU are adorable!!! NOW I feel like I really KNOW you Maria!! YOU are precious and I WANT to go out and get Oscar Mayer Hot Doggies for My Hubby!!
    You are So cute!!!

  2. Anonymous1:41 PM

    LOL I loved the videos. Where is my Damn HOT DOG!!!

  3. That was really cute! but really quick!!


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