Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy 6th Birthday Handsome

I started blogging in 2005. Mostly it was to keep a running journal for my children. A place for me to record my thoughts, wishes, and dreams for them. While retaining the detailed memories that we would otherwise forget unless written down.

Today my first born will be 6 years old. I cannot believe how big he is and how fast it went.

Handsome, I am so happy to be your mommy and to be honest there are times you are very lucky I'm your mommy.

You are very unique and sometimes hard to figure out but that is part of your charm.

You are a dreamer and march to your own drum.

You find things very funny.

You love Taylor Swift's song, Pictures to Burn because you get to say the word "stupid" which is a bad word in our house except to sing this song.

You are in a total boy phase which is so much fun and very interesting.

Star Wars has taken over your Blue's Clue phase which lasted a very long time.

This was the first birthday that I knew exactly what to get you. It was fun to shop because you were very specific. You wanted Star War toys and since you have/had none it was easy.

Your face was priceless as we opened your presents. We opened a day early because Daddy will be unavailable tomorrow.

We took you to Chili's restaurant this weekend and I had the wait staff sing happy birthday to you which confused, surprised and made you hide behind me and cry. You did not like it at all. I think it was shocking for you. It was shocking for me. I had no idea that they would come out when they did. I didn't even have my camera ready.

5 Things I love About you!
  • You laugh at everything.
  • You are your own person and don't let anyone tell you how to be (as frustrating as that is to us).
  • You run up to me and hug me everyday when I pick you up from school.
  • You love Wheel of Fortune and like playing it. "Oh so close. Would you like to buy a vowel. Oh, bankrupt."
  • You love hugging. You always want to have a family hug. I love that too!!!
You are my favorite Baby Boy in the whole wide world.

Love, Mommy
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  1. Hope Handsome has a great birthday!

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