Thursday, May 14, 2009

Scooby Is Missing Wahhhhhh

Yes, there is crazy talent in this family!

Last week, we spent four days looking for the beloved "Scooby" dog belonging to Goddess.

Scooby is really a Gund, stuffed, chocolate lab that her Godmother gave her two Valentines Days ago. Goddess is such a big Scooby fan (about 10 months now) that she named this cute guy Scooby. She never really attached to another toy before this one, other than a small TY pig that came with a Charlottes Web DVD I got her for her second birthday.

Scooby went everywhere with us but we never really took him out of the car. Somehow last week he was gone.

I overheard her talking to a stuffed pink frog from her Aunt Marta on Wednesday or Thursday of last week.

Frog: "Where's Scooby?"
Goddess: "I don't know. Mommy, Daddy, Handsome and I don't know where he is."
Frog: I'm worried about him!"
Goddess: It's ok, I'm here!"

My heart broke, obviously she was missing him more than she was letting on.

When I asked her where she thinks he is she said, "maybe a witch came and cast a spell on him to make him disappear."

Wherever Scooby is, I hope he is well with his broken leg and hole between his eyes with the stuffing coming out. Scooby, You were loved and will be missed!

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  1. Awwww that's so sad, I hope you guys find him! My daughters both have special stuffed animals so I know how hard this is for you both! (((HUGS)))


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