Thursday, May 14, 2009

"Smell My Pee-Pee"

This morning I walked into my son's school to pick him and his sister up only to have the teacher ask to speak to me inside.

If you have ever had the question asked of you, you know that your stomach drops and in your head you are thinking, "oh shit!"

We walk into the kitchen and I get an ear full of a conversation she had to have with Handsome today.

Today, in class, Handsome asked a little girl to "smell his pee-pee." Before everyone gasps let me explain just as I did to the teacher.

We were on a playdate last month with one of the boys in his class. I love when we play date with him because I adore his mom. We moms, were sitting in the kitchen talking when I overhead and watched this little boy, lie back on the couch with his legs up in the air. Upon doing this he looked down, noticed he had a hole in his pants and asked Handsome to "smell his pee-pee."

Handsome turned around and said laughing, "what? smell your pee-pee? That's funny!"

I called Handsome, when he said "what" I asked him to come to me. When he got there I told him "That is not OK! You do not let someone say that to you! If someone ever says that again you are to come and tell Mommy or Daddy! It is not funny and it is not ok!!"

When he walked away I turned to the mom and said, "sorry, I know it's your son right now but it could be a teacher or a neighbor one day! As a child of molestation I need him to know that it is not ok!"

She understood and we had to tell them a few times that this was not ok!

I knew this was going to be a problem because I had made a big deal out of it but felt I had to have the conversation. My son thinks everything is a joke if it gets a rise out of me/and or my husband.

He and his sister joke about this all the time and we constantly tell them it is not ok and they are to not say this again. They do!

I didn't think that he would say it to a girl at school and I had to explain to his teacher that he thinks it is a joke and that we would speak to him about this at home.

Yikes! My girlfriend said thank God it was a girl and not a boy but does that really make it better!?

It's always something.

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