Sunday, May 31, 2009

Father Of The Year Award Goes To My Husband

Hey, he never reads this so, this is entirely for documentation reasons.

We had an amazing weekend. We took the kids to their first carnival and they had a blast. 3 Days in a row of rides could drive anyone crazy but he was awesome. Tirelessly taking them on and off all the rides they wanted to go on and taking pictures of them.

He also offered to meet up with one of my friends and her family so we could all hang out together.

On Friday, my awwww moment came when he went outside, picked a big pink flower off our front yard bush and brought it to Goddess. He put it in a glass of water for her and put it in her room! Stinkin' cute!!

On another note: He came home with books for me! Woot, who doesn't love a man who knows what she would like to read?

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