Thursday, May 21, 2009

Busy Week

Today was so busy but very rewarding.

It started out with me taking my daughter to preschool. My son and daughter go to the same preschool and she has never been there without him. I thought for sure it would be a difficult morning and that she would be unwilling to stay alone.

Nope, Man was I wrong. We walked in and they had one of those bounce rooms in the middle of the classroom.

She didn't even say good-bye to me. She was taking her shoes off just as I was explaining to the teacher how worried I was.

My next concern was how do I get my bounce house loving son to leave "his" preschool to go to Kindergarten orientation? Well, basically I learned, you just tell him it's time to go. It was crazy. In the past I would have had to carry, drag him out kicking and screaming. This just shows me how far he has come. Like this tantrum that took down the Christmas tree one year. Or this one that I was sure was going to me the death of either him or me. Or this one where he was hitting me. The list goes on and on.

You can't imagine how many times I have left a group of other moms and toddlers, red faced and sweaty because I had to handle him and carry a baby in a car seat. The screaming, yelling, sweating, falling down and feet kicking and that was just from me. Meh!

So, I digress as usual. We left and I told him how proud of him I was. He said, "I want to jump mommy" as we were leaving and I assured him that his teachers would be doing that with his class too.

Then he and I went to our first breakfast alone at a local coffee shop. It was awesome. He asked, "is this orientation?" I said, "nope, it's breakfast with mommy. Just me and you."

We ordered than sat down at a table of his choice. He put a napkin down in front of himself, then said, "and one for you mom" as he placed mine down in front of me.

I thanked him for being a gentlemen and we ate and talked about orientation.

We got to the school and his classmates were all running around. He joined in as I hoped and
played until we were called into the school.

There are already 70 kids registered for kindergarten this year and the place was a mad house. Kids, parents, grandparents, plus the regular school kids. He wouldn't go up with all the kids when they were called to the floor but he wasn't the only one. There were a few who hung on their mom's legs.

We went on a tour of the classrooms and since I know who his teacher will be already I was able to tell him when he didn't want to leave a particular class that this would be his classroom in Kindergarten.

We didn't do the school bus tour because my kids won't be taking the bus and we did it at last years orientation.

We left there and headed to preschool to pick up Goddess who was having the time of her life with a dog that visits the school yard with its owner once in a while. There were only 3 kids in her class that day and only she and a little boy used the bounce room. Cute!

We headed from school to the doctors office for the yearly well visits.

The were awesome. The doctor did a hearing test on both. Handsome didn't understand that whenever he heard the beep he had to say, "heard it!" He would say it one time and when the doctor would say did you hear it? He would say yes but after the one time would stop. Goddess on the other hand was told to do a high five to me whenever she heard the beep and was amazing according to the doctor.

She didn't fare so well on her eye test. She did well when he showed her the chart to make sure she knew what each symbol was but the moment he moved her back and had her cover an eye she couldn't do it. Obviously she needs her eyes checked. I wouldn't be surprised if she needs glasses because I am as blind as a bat.

The doctor also heard a heart murmur which he wants to recheck next month. This was the first time he noticed it.

They are both growing well. Handsome is 6 years old and only 1 foot shorter than me. Yikes! He will tower over me by the time he is 9 for sure but he is long and lean. Goddess is 4 and has always been tiny. She is only 29 pounds and 39 inches, my pip squeak.

It was a great day and to top it all off, my husband put up the deck gazebo which means more time outside without fighting the biting mayflies. See the damage they inflict on us here.

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