Friday, May 29, 2009

Help! I've Gone Friday Meme Crazy

Sky Watch Friday - Nothing was done to these pictures. I just used some of the special features on a camera I am reviewing. The review will be up next month.

  1. What is the longest you’ve gone between haircuts? Oh probably about 15 months.
  2. What is the shortest hour of the day? The one where I need to get out the door to school.
  3. What is the longest line you’ve ever stood in? A roller coaster that I didn't even want to be on.
  4. Who’s your shortest adult friend? Me! No, Sheress
  5. Who among your current friends have you known the longest? Teresa

1. It's cold and I love it!

2. Cherry tomatoes.

3. My favorite health and beauty product is Water

4. I love a nice long ride, with the windows down and the radio blasting.

5. Well, first of all I could use some sleep.

6. A Daydream about Me and Edward of Twilight; those were the cast of characters in a recent dream and it was Hot Baby!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to heading to the carnival tomorrow my plans include Work and Sunday, I want to sleep past 6:30 a.m.


  1. They look wonderful! Great colors!

  2. Wish I'd had this camera on my trip to the beach this late week.


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