Friday, January 31, 2020

Valentine's For Veterans #valentinesforvets #valentines

This week there was a post on the wall in my school asking for Valentine cards to be made so we can send them to veterans. Since I work with 2-3 year old children I figured just make them pretty simple.

They actually came out really cute.

I folded red and pink paper so the kids could have a choice. They choose the color and together we glued on a heart.

Then I let them just color the card however they wanted and with whatever color they wanted. I think they were excited to use the markers because we usually use crayons. Every single child sat and made out their card. I asked them to make some smiley faces and write their names. They think they did which is really sweet.

Then I wrote Happy Valentine's Day and their first name adding their age.

I would love to receive one of these myself. They are simple and cost pennies. The hearts were from Dollar Tree and the cards are construction paper.


  1. That's really sweet. I think the vets will like them.

    1. Thank you Terra. It was so fun to do. I love that the kids were so excited about it.


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