Wednesday, January 08, 2020

My Life In Pictures Nov 29 - December 8

November 29 - Just some antipasto! I do not make a large antipasto because my husband and I are the only ones who eat it and we do want to save room for Thanksgiving dinner. It is just enough for the both of us with no left overs. We prefer it that way.

November 30 - My husband doing outside Christmas decorations. I LOVE it and was so sad to see it go.  Look at my window boxes! OMG they were amazing! My husband made little Christmas villages in each one.

December 1 - Luna;'s favorite spot among our Christmas decorations. She looks like she is part of it.

December 2 - My kids started their Advent calendar countdown. My son is always on top of it each day. My daughter still has some to eat. UGH

December 3 - We love snow days! It was such a beautiful day to be off! The snow was so fluffy!

December 4 - Look at this tunnel of snow covered branches! It is so pretty but honestly I was nervous driving through it. I kept picturing branches crashing on the car.

December 5 - I have photos of my class for this date but unfortunately I didn't get permission to share.

December 6 - A Photo of Bustletown for a review post

December 7 - NADA

December 8 - Luna loves the fireplace. Who could blame her? She has the best seat in the house.

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