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Summer At The Beach


Summer At The Beach

copy-of-july-15-2007-47.jpgAfter 8 years of living in a lake town we are finally LIVING in a lake town. This weekend was by far my favorite weekend yet.
july-15-2007-62.jpgI love this picture. I love the shadow, and her little foot prints behind her still in the sand.
I started my son in swim classes 3 weeks ago figuring we live in a lake community beside the fact that the child has no fear of the water, we are only a 3 minute drive to the beach. Yes, we can walk it but yo, 2 kids, 2 coolers, towels, sand toys, umbrella, camera bag, mat for the floor, etc, etc, etc…
copy-of-july-15-2007-18.jpgI didn’t take many pictures of Handsome today but I got a lot of video, hopefully one day I will figure out how to add it to my blog.
Yesterday I didn’t take the camera out of the bag to document anything but today we snapped some pictures.  
copy-of-july-15-2007-61.jpgThis picture is so funny to me…she looks so grown here.
My kids are so lucky to live where they are and I hope to have many more weekends like this. It is so nice to get away with just my husband and kids. To see the kids having so much fun and just admiring the wonderful place we call home. Looking out at the lake it is crazy that we didn’t take advantage before this. Why didn’t we go do there with some beer and some books when we were childless? It is just plain stupid.
It almost feels like I am on vacation when I am sitting there just looking around or playing in the water with my kids. It is not often that the 4 of us go out as a family and it is awesome to be able to do that so close to home. We have been paying dues toward the beach for 8 years and have always hated that bill that comes in January. This January when we pay that bill I will be eagerly waiting for the warmer weather so that we can spend another summer playing in the water with the kids. 
Yesterday we ran into some friends  (she is doing well BTW) who took us out on their wave runner. It was awesome and my first time. I have to admit I am a chicken shit and when she said, “come on let’s go out on the lake” I honestly wanted to say “no thanks.” I actually think I did but she didn’t seem to hear me and told me hubby that she was taking me out and her husband would take him as soon as we got back. I know my heart was pounding for the first 10 minutes. I must admit though, I had an awesome time, and it was fun. It really is a good workout too, my thighs are killing me today.
Today, my husband took Handsome out to the floating dock for some diving/jumping. Handsome was having the time of his life and I love seeing them spending such quality father/son time together. Towards the end of the day my son was doing somersaults into 8-9 feet of water with his dad. Heart in my mouth and stomach in my colon I applauded and was nauseous at the same time.
Posing after climbing some rocks
I can’t wait for my next trip to the beach with my little family and the best part is we can make it there on gas fumes if we had to.   
Playing Ball With Daddy

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