Sunday, January 05, 2020

A Long Walk Down a Winding Road by Sam Farmer Tells His Story With Autism

Invaluable wisdom and practical advice from someone on the autism spectrum.

From the unique perspective of someone living on the autism spectrum comes an exceptional book for those who want to carve out better lives for themselves. Interwoven with real stories of personal triumphs, A Long Walk Down a Winding Road offers clear advice and simple steps for overcoming adversity and improving your life.

Growing up, Sam Farmer contended with challenges many of us face. He was bullied, faced difficulties around self-awareness and social skills, and struggled to build self-esteem. At the age of forty, he received a life-altering diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome. In spite of initial feelings of frustration and confusion, he learned to embrace his newfound “Aspie” profile, recognizing that doing so would ultimately pave the way toward acquiring self-love.

Farmer has written this book in order to share his ideas and insights learned along the winding road of his life. The stories and wisdom shared will inspire and empower everyone to help themselves achieve happier, more productive lives. By emphasizing the importance of a broader acceptance of autism and arguing why it should not be thought of as a disorder, Farmer illustrates how society can greatly benefit from showing an understanding of people who are different.

The 411:

As the mother of a child on the Autism Spectrum I was excited to read this and hoped to be able to share tips and wisdom with my son who will be 17. I was thrilled that the author has a job, a wife, family and has obviously triumphed. While the story was good I was hoping for more. Maybe it is because the author had no idea he was on the spectrum until he was 40 but it would have been helpful to read more in-depth stories from his childhood. I believe many adults are on the spectrum and have no idea. In fact I believe my husband is on the spectrum as well as three co-workers and it hasn't stopped them all from having a wonderful life as has Sam.

Some children do not have good people in their corner as Sam had. He was very fortunate. I have been very fortunate to have wonderful people in my son's younger years.

I do however think my son will appreciate some of the tips Sam shares when he is finally in the working environment like be aware of the personalities of the people you work with and how you shouldn't expect to be respected which is very big in my son's world. He is all about feeling respected.

My prayer is that my son has as wonderful a future as Sam Farmer. I would have liked a lot more on how Sam dealt with relationships in his life and how he was able to have a lasting, loving, mutual respecting relationship with a woman but maybe he felt it was too personal. I wish Sam the best and hope he keeps writing. He has a lot of good information but I would have liked more!

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