Monday, January 06, 2020

Happy Three Kings, Little Christmas, National Take Down The Christmas Tree Or Whatever You Call Today.

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I love everything about our Christmas decorations. There is something homey about the house when it is all decorated. We all seem to spend more time together in the living room than any other time during the year. BUT today....being Little Christmas as my family called it growing up meant Take Down the Christmas Tree Day. It is planned to happen tonight. Since my husband isn't home yet and probably has homework I am going to ask him to wait until the weekend. "Come on honey, you must be tired. Let's wait until Saturday."

We still use my kids Fisher Price Nativity Set under the tree. I love it! One day I will have the perfect set but until then this is perfect!

Does your family observe the holiday? Do you do gifts from the Three Kings? Hay leading to the gifts? A special cake? Mass? Take down your tree? or is it just another day to you?

According to Checkiday. Here are some ways to celebrate the day.

How to Observe

There are various ways to celebrate Epiphany:
  • take down your Christmas decorations (today also happens to be National Take Down the Christmas Tree Day too)
  • participate in a house chalking or house blessing
  • go winter swimming
  • attend a church service
  • make a three kings cake
  • do some star singing
  • listen to the two cantatas that Johann Sebastian Bach composed for Epiphany
  • sing or listen to carols such as "As with Gladness, Men of Old" or "We Three Kings of Orient Are"

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