Monday, January 06, 2020

That Summer Seemed to Last Forever, Those Were the Best Days Of My Life


That Summer Seemed to Last Forever, Those Were the Best Days Of My Life

Friday, I headed out with Bek to Gasho for an unbelievable early birthday gift. Thank you so much. It was a killer birthday gift and so appreciated. I can’t wait to go back there. I love Hibachi. Then we headed over to Friday’s for drinks dessert.  I thoroughly recommend the Vanilla Bean Cheesecake, The Cinnadunkers (just like homemade) and Bek had the Fresh Blueberry Mango Rita and I had the unbelievable Fresh Tropical Passion Rita. So yummy! Picture of our buffet. It was an unbelievable night with a good friend and comfortable conversation. It was a much needed time away. Next time we need at least a picture of the particpants of the evening. The fact that there are only pictures of the food to commemorate the night says a lot about the food.
Saturday I headed out to met up with my friend Stephanie who was only in from Florida for 1 1/2 days.  She always makes it a point to fit me in. She’s good like that. I headed to her Aunt’s to see her busting in on a Sweet 16 birthday party. We were invited to stay but since I was there for Steph and to met her dog Kirby we left as soon as guests started arriving. Handsome got along so well with Jack (Steph’s 4 year old cousin) they were chasing each other around 20 minutes into our arrival. He also loved Kirby who was really good with kids.   
Me and Steph
After that we headed home to pick up The Teach and change the kids for the beach. We headed there minus a camera but which was so sad. I sat and watched my husband play with my son in the water. I didn’t have a notebook but I tried to compose my post in my head. It went something like, “watching my husband and son play in the water as the sun started setting casting millions of flickering lights on the water”, blah, blah, blah or something cheesey like that. It really was beautiful and it was worth sitting on the sand with my daughter to see such a mental picture.
Yesterday we headed to the beach again but this time we took a big, ride on shark in honor of Shark Week’s 20th Anniversary on TLC that I managed to pick up from “Shout Out” Shoprite!
My son was so excited to get on. We headed to the water and every kid in there looked at the shark with lust. There was no way we were letting it go until my son had his fill.
 Hang on Cowboy

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