Friday, January 24, 2020

A Guide to Opening Your Own Store

Establishing your own business is one of the most fulfilling and exciting things you can do, even if it is a lot of hard work! If you are at the stage of searching for space to lease for your store, you have already completed the business plan and secured some financial backing. This next step is important as it will determine how many customers will be coming through your door. Heres some things to think about when selecting your store space. 
Location is everything, especially if your brand is not yet widely known. If potential customers cant see or locate your store, they are unlikely to take the time to find it. Find a spot in the shopping mall or a street in your local town that has a lot of footfall going by it. These spaces might have more expensive leases due to their desirable positioning, but if you can afford it then certainly take it to ensure visibility to consumers. 
Like location, the accessibility to your store is incredibly important. If some of your customers require the use of wheelchairs for example, having only steps leading up to your store cuts them off from it and you could lose out on the potential to build a relationship with a loyal customer. Make sure the space you choose has access ramps if it is in a raised position, and a door that is either automatic or is fitted with a disabled access button so youre not alienating anyone.
The interior design of your shop should reflect your business brand and style. It should look clean and crisp, and all displays should be clearly visible. Any shop should have its interior units fitted properly and professionally, but if youre a fashion brand then you might want to opt for more of a luxury fit out to have a high-end feel to your store. The way your store looks will tell customers a lot about the business, therefore having proper shelving and storage units fitted to help keep the place clean and tidy is worth it. 
Having your products displayed properly in store will ensure that your customers are seeing everything you have to offer. Choose lighting that will flatter your products, and check often to make sure they have not been dirtied (people will pick up and put down things in your shop while browsing). Clothing should be placed on racks around the store, you can color coordinate the different items of clothing which can by aesthetically pleasing, or group brands or styles together to make it easier for customers to find something specific. Be playful and creative in your window displays too, as these will catch the eyes of passers-by and tempt them to come into your store. For example, you could recreate a scene from a famous movie or TV show. 
Opening your own store is an exciting venture and hopefully you will see nothing but success from the minute you open your doors. Keeping these few things in mind when starting out could be useful in ensuring that success

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