Monday, January 06, 2020

White Trash Cinema At It’s Best or Red Neck Theater You Chose


White Trash Cinema At It’s Best or Red Neck Theater You Chose

Recently my husband bought home an awesome early birthday gift. I have wanted a screened-in deck ever since we purchased our home. It’s not a screened in deck but it’s the next best thing. He put it up in 2 1/2 hours, strung some lights, set it up with some chairs and a table, got the radio out and we were living it up with our cold brews as we celebrated the extension of our home. The next day he headed out and got us some outdoor carpet to complete the extension. We literally open our sliders (oh yeah which are now complete with screened door also an early B’day present), and step right into the gazebo.
We have enjoyed it much over the last week and so have the kids as they sit out here after a bath before bed which is very new to them. Once you have a bedtime bath there is no chance I am letting you outside to get dirty or be engulfed in a heavy mist of bug spray. 
Last night was my favorite night thus far. My husband after seeing that there was nothing on TV decided to venture down into our collection of DVD’s. He set up a little table for my laptop (an awesome, past Birthday gift – does he give awesome gifts or what?), popped some popcorn, lit some candles, and we watched Evil Dead 2. A first for him; I might age myself but I saw this in the movies and numerous times since and still laugh during the hand scene.  
Here is the gazebo during the day
And here it is at night
And here it is on a Red Neck/White Trash Saturday Night…
 I know you’lll are jealous, don’t be a hater. Come on down, enjoy an older DVD on a Sony Vaio screen under the stars protected from the bugs if you want but bring your own damn chair.

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