Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Tuesday Takes

Tuesday Takes
The kids were outside with their dad playing in the mounds of remaining snow before the rain. I decided to look through one of my scrapbooks. It is so much fun to pull them out over time and remember all the memories that escape while living life.

These pictures are from my engagement photo shoot. We didn't plan on doing one but it came with the wedding package we purchased almost a year before then planned event.

Don't we look like we are like any other couple about to show the world how much we love each other????

Well, after 35 minutes of posing our smiles felt as fake as these ridiculous poses. Do couples really sit around with their fingers on their chins? I think not. This picture when he was posing us, made me feel like he was taking pictures of a brother and sister. Really, do we look like two people in love? Where are the shots of us hugging and making out. Now, that would make more sense to me.

This is how we were really feeling!

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  1. You guys look amazingly happy!

  2. You are too funny! I know just what you mean, I remember posing for photos like that with my first husband. They did feel so fake and ridiculous. You're right, when you're engaged, you are all over each other, hugging, kissing, stuff like that.
    I do think you look exactly the same - you haven't aged a bit!

  3. Wow! Teach has lots of hair!


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