Monday, March 07, 2011

Blue Monday & Mellow Yellow Monday - Perfect Together-Loving Sibs!

This Blue Monday & Mellow Yellow Monday
It doesn't get any cuter than this picture. Can't you just squeal at her little bitty hand on his cheek? Love it!
On her head? A pom-pom. The best part was Handsome dressed up and prancing around as a cheerleader. Don't have any of those photos online. Those are the kind that go into the drawer for blackmail when he is a teenager.

Outtake - That is Goddess under that pom-pom. Love the handle sticking up at the top.
Pom-pom head-blogged

Handsome wanted his picture taken with the pom-pom on his head so bad. How could I not?!
pom-pom head - blogged

Pom-pom head - blogged


  1. love it, very funny and entertaining..

  2. hehe, that's cute happy mym.

  3. Oh so cute and cool. Happy blue Monday.

  4. Creative! Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Blue Monday, Maria.

  5. Too cute! Looks like they had fun!

  6. Jingle, The kids can be very entertaining about 25% of the time. The rest of the time, you are ready to pull your hair out.

    Mona, I agree. Thanks for stopping by.

    Gengen, Not sure why I haven't thought about this before. Could have used it for blue and yellow memes.

    Sally, Happpy Blue Monday to you too!

    Freda, They are crazy kids. They laugh most of the day. Nothing like a good hearty laugh.

  7. Loved your blog and seeing the precious children having fun. Let them enjoy life as a child as they grow up much too fast.

  8. Oh my! they are so are blessed to have them...

    you can check my entry

  9. Very cute photos. Happy start to your week.

  10. Anonymous7:49 PM

    Love the Blue and yellow pom pom on their heads. I love Goddess's hand on his cheek. So sweet

  11. funny and silly and yet gorgeous kids as a model hehe

    My Blue Monday

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