Sunday, March 27, 2011

Handsome's Victory Dance

As parents, it doesn't take much for us to be proud. Sometimes it is the simplest things but when our kids just do something extraordinary pride swells and we are overcome with love for the people they are becoming.

Handsome has come a long way. He is still a little shy, doesn't always know how to make appropriate conversation or how to stay focused on what he is being told but the obstacles he has overcome are often unnoticed by others. But not me, I see everything he does. Hear everything he says and feel everything he feels. There are times my heart aches for the things I see him experience but he is never affected by them. Thankfully his comprehension on a lot of things slips right by, protecting him from meanness or ignorance and I am so thankful.

Friday, I saw him standing in the middle of a circle of boys, his eyes were closed and his fingers were in his mouth. He was swaying and smiling but it was a timid, nervous, uncomfortable smile. He was way outside his comfort zone and I felt it but he really wanted to play. They were playing Zombie Tag whatever that is and he knew the game which I found out when I asked him later. He WAS outside his comfort zone but he really wanted to play with them. I love how brave he was. No one else saw the discomfort but I did and I know what it was for him to stand in the middle of them, vulnerable, with closed eyes. But he did it and had a great time. The sight of him standing there was only about 3 seconds but it is embedded in my mind. I know that he is fine. I know that he was playing. I know that he overcame an obstacle (eyes closed in the middle of a room of people) yet, that little frightened face scorches my soul. It will be there forever.

My fear for him is real. I worry about him in the big, bad world and hope that time, and maturation strengthens him but I worry!

But....the victory dance of his goal last weekend is also in my head! Handsome is a very good soccer player and ended a wash out by the 1st place team but getting a goal for his team. I didn't have my camera, (can you even imagine?) but my girlfriend Sandra (babybindle) did, and got this awesome shot right after he scored!

He is totally doing a dig and often celebrates too much. He has about 8 goals under his belt this season and I couldn't be prouder.

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