Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Tuesday Takes - The Tree

Tuesday Takes
This morning as I was leaving to drop the kids off at school, I remembered Freda's Tuesday Takes. I grabbed the camera and took a few shots.

Here is the tree that will eventually, drop large amounts of nonsense on my deck and lawn in a few weeks.

The Tree - Blogged

At the moment, all is quiet but in a few weeks, the buds will appear at the top and eventually, large pods of some kind will fall to the deck. Then the woodpeckers come and will continue to take more large chunks from the side of it. Eventually the leaves will cascade to the ground, leaving the kids huge piles of leaves to jump in, then all will be quiet again. Isn't life grand?


  1. We had one of those trees in our old backyard. Drops crap everywhere, and all the squirrels eat the nuts and left shells everywhere... just a big mess every summer....
    So glad I moved... LOL

  2. Oh, I think it's a beautiful grand tree that totally describes the circle of life. (Granted I don't have to sweep the pods or rake the leaves, YUK.) I love the idea of such a stately, solid think that you know is going to be there to do the same thing predictably. It helps keep you grounded and safe when life seems completely out of control. Gorgeous shot, the sky is beautiful.


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